The Customer:
The Challenge:

The Air Force relied on their Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants Rapid Utility Repair Kit (POL RURK) to repair or recover mission essential fuel and water distribution systems. This kit was stored in 19 different containers that lacked uniform organization, making it difficult for users to expedient repairs or recoveries. Every minute counts when water and/or fuel aren’t available for airbase operations, so they needed to modernize the system.

The Solution:

ADS, Inc. worked with Cave Systems and Highland Engineering to develop the Water and Fuel Expedient Repair System (WaFERS). The 19 containers were replaced with a set of 14 modular and scalable capability-based Unit Type Codes (UTCs)—a 26 percent reduction in containers.

The system enables expedient or semi-permanent repair of mission essential water and fuel distribution lines and storage systems that support airbase resiliency and combat sortie generation. WaFERS includes 11 Cave Systems containers, two Sea Box solutions and one Highland Engineering system.

Contact your ADS Representative to access the Resource Library WaFERS Resource Library
WaFERS requirements during infrastructure recovery will vary proportionally to the intensity of the damage.

The chart shows the most anticipated damage scenarios with the expected WaFERS capability required to make repairs.

Note: Scenarios are not all inclusive and serve to highlight probable results from known effects. You may need to scroll right to see full chart on smaller devices.

Damage Scenarios
Based on Threat
Repair Options Common Tools & Equipment Repair & Bypass Lay flat Hose (long runs) Line Patch Tank Patch Water & Fuel Pump Fuel Filter 10K Bladder
Major Valve Damage Replace or Bypass * *
Major Fitting Damage Replace or Bypass * *
Major Damage to Buried Pipe Inline Repair (Hard Pipe) or Bypass * *
Major Damage to Exposed Pipe Inline repair (L.F. Hose) or Bypass * *
Severed Pipe Inline Repair or Cap * *
Punctured Pipe Valve or Fitting Patch with Plug, Clamp or Epoxy * *
Punctured Tank Small Hole <5” Patch with Plug (Hole up to 5”) * *
Punctured Tank Large Hole <23” Umbrella Patch (>5” and 23”) * *
Fuel is Above Ground Tank Recover/Remove w/600 GPM Pump * * * *
Fuel is Below Ground Tank Recover w/ Booster Pump & 600 GPM Pump * * * *
Fuel in Pipeline Recover or Extract (Filter, Store) * * *
Fuel Spill in Berm Recover/Extract, (Filter, Store) * * *
Contaminated Fuel Recover/Extract, (Filter, Store) * * *
Damaged Hydrant Cap Only * *
Destroyed Pantographs Cap Only * *
Pumps Damaged (Beyond Repair) Bypass with Fittings & Hose * * * *
Damaged Filter Bypass with Fittings, Hose, Filter * * *

* Primary Options (take only what is needed)
• Secondary Options


WaFERS pump and filter UTCs can be used as an adjunct capability with the Fuels Operational Readiness Capability Equipment (FORCE) to get fuel to aircraft.

The technology refresh bypassed an operational pump house using WaFERS pumps, filters, and an array of pipes, fittings, and values feeding fuel into an operational hydrant systems. It achieves a flow rate of 1350 GPM at 170 psi, pushing fuel into a dead headed hydrant loop where trucks accepted fuel as surrogate aircraft.

Using WaFERS pumps and filters, users conducted functional tests to recover fuel from an operational cut and cover tank by extracting fuel from a depth of 35 feet and transferring it over three miles at a rate of 600 GOM to a second tank. They were also able to transfer fuel from the lowest elevation on base to the highest storage elevation at a distance of 2.5 miles at a rate of 1200 GPM.

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