The Customer:
  • U.S. Army PEO Soldier
  • P.M. Air Warrior
The Challenge:

Army rotary wing pilots flying with AN/AVS-6 night vision goggles (NVG) and Color Night Display Modules (CNDM) reported excessive vibration during flight.

This vibration created blurring of the CNDM displays, as viewed through the NVGs. This blurring rendered the CNDM displays unreliable, causing aircrew to discontinue use of the CNDM altogether.

The Solution:

ADS and partner Syncro saw this challenge as a critical operational deficiency. In response, the team designed and developed a custom stabilizing retention system for the Army’s AN/AVS-6 NVGs to reduce vibration during flight.

The ADS/Syncro NVG Stabilizers system equips Army AN/AVS-6 NVGs with retention collars to maximize their stiffness and stabilize the CNDM. The NVG Stabilizers allow the full range of NVG movement and adjustment.

Stabilizing Retention System for Night Vision Goggles

NVG Stabilizer NVG Stabilizer Clip
Product Features:


VERSATILE: Allows full-range goggle adjustment and non-reflective

USER FRIENDLY: Easy-to-install clip


The U.S. Army is currently testing AN/AVS-6 NVGs and CNDMs outfitted with ADS/Syncro NVG Stabilizers in operational rotary wing aviation squadrons.  Testing is expected to lead to full rate production and delivery of NVG Stabilizers in the coming months.

For more information on how to purchase the Stabilizing Retention System for Night Vision Goggles , contact your knowledgeable ADS Representative through the following form or call 866.845.3012.

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