The Customer:
  • Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Units
  • Special Operation Forces (SOF) Users
The Challenge:

SOF operators have been asking for a programmable automatic inflator that will allow users to select the inflation profile of their LPU dependent on their mission.

Existing self-righting LPUs are too large and bulky while existing horse collar style LPUs don’t allow for full field of vision, head mobility, and unencumbered use. ADS has been actively working to help them solve this problem by bringing relevant technologies and capabilities to the table.

The Solution:

In working closely with ADS, Inc., and based on significant engagement with Naval Special Warfare and other SOF users, Mustang Survival created an LPU that is lightweight and extremely compact.

The new LPU utilizes exclusive inflator technology, developed with long-time partner Hammar®, and is a perfect illustration of how collaboration best benefits the user community and drives industry innovation. The inclusion of inflation expert Hammar® meant providing the operator true mission flexibility through game-changing programmable inflator technology.

This new system allows the operator to choose whether the inflation is triggered by depth, time submerged in water or a combination of both.  When compared to current solutions, this sleek inflatable provides a wider range of unencumbered head movement and weapons manipulations, improved visibility and uses minimal real-estate on an already overloaded operator.

Mustang Survival Next Generation LPU

Mustang Survival Life Preserver Unit Mustang Survival Life Preserver Unit Back View
Product Features:

LIGHTWEIGHT. Weighing one pound, it is the smallest, self-righting inflatable LPU for maritime special operations, providing 40 pounds of buoyancy.

SLEEK. The almost invisible, low-profile design allows full field of view, head mobility and does not interfere with users’ equipment, while easily connecting to almost any armor carrier.

ULTIMATE CONTROL. The exclusive Programmable Automatic Inflator is triggered by water depth, time submerged in water or a combination of both and provides 40 pounds of buoyancy.

VERSATILITY. Harness accessory allows the device to be used as a stand-alone life vest with no armor carrier. SOLAS retro reflective tape is attached to the bladder via hook and loop, allowing the user to remove it or switch to GLINT tape.

COLORS: Sepia, MultiCam, Coyote Tan, and Black


  • Model # MD1500 utilizes a Programmable automatic inflator
  • Model # MD1501 utilizes HITTM Hydrostatic inflator
  • Model # MD1502 utilizes Hammar’s new manual inflator

Mustang Survival

For more information on how to purchase the Mustang Survival Next Generation LPU, contact your knowledgeable ADS Representative through the following form or call 866.845.3012.

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