Lighter, Faster Warriors.

Core Capabilities

Matbock specializes in unique military gear designed to specifically meet deficiencies in current equipment. Relying on their own tactical experiences, Matbock has developed medical equipment and products that not only increase operator effectiveness but also decreases each warrior’s loadout.

Personal experiences involving continued operations in multiple theaters have led to Matbock’s basic foundation—ounces equal pounds and lighter warriors are faster warriors. Matbock constantly strives to provide warriors with the most effective and efficient medical equipment and supplies possible.

Field Transport Lifts
Dry Bags
Medical Kits

MATBOCK Products


These are just a sampling of the products we offer. Call 866.845.3012 or send us your contact information through our contact form.

  • Matbock – Bench Ladder Stretcher (BLS)

  • Matbock – Emergency Medical Aviator Bag

  • Matbock – Grave Robber Drug Roll

  • Matbock – Grave Robber IV Pouch

  • Matbock – Grave Robber Kit

  • Matbock – Grave Robber Multi-Function Pouch

  • Matbock – Grave Robber Pack

  • Matbock – MR Dry Bag

  • Matbock – OsteoFX Casting

  • Matbock – Rapid IFAK Deployment Pouch

  • Matbock – Rescue Medical Exfil Kit

  • Matbock – Rigid – Lightweight Integrated Field Transport (R-LIFT)

  • Matbock – Soft-Lightweight Integrated Field Transport (S-LIFT)