The Customer:

  • Army Airborne Units & School

ADS Life Cycle Support:


Design & Development




The Challenge:

For as long as soldiers have been conducting jump operations, manifesting has been an inherently inaccurate and laborious process.

Manifests are often hand written. Then, once complete, they’re manually typed into a spreadsheet. Anytime there’s a change, the manifest has to be amended and reprinted. Very large airborne units have more than a 1,000+ jumpers during mass jump operations, and in these cases, manifests can take hours to complete.

After speaking to several representatives from airborne units, including those from the Army’s airborne school, the team from Kopis Mobile discovered there wasn’t an intuitive, quick way to accurately manifest jumpers.

The system has cut our manifest time in half!

– MSgt., Air Force Special Operations Unit

ADS + Kopis Mobile Support:

  • Researching the Challenge
  • Developing a Solution
  • Crafting the App
  • Fielding

The Solution:

After gathering input and data directly from airborne soldiers, Kopis engineers developed the FastForm Jump Manifest System. The turnkey system—co-developed with 4K Solutions—provides a jump master with the FastForm software on a rugged tablet with imbedded CAC reader, wireless printer, battery power pack, and security software to protect the jumper’s personal information. 

The system is designed to accurately manifest a jumper in less than 10 seconds to create a jump manifest form. The jumpmaster can digitally sign the form with his/her finger on the tablet, and then they are able to wirelessly print or email the form directly from the tablet.

FastForm 1306 App:

  • Custom engineered to reduce jump manifest time
  • 51 Jumpers manifested in approximately 22 minutes

Kopis Mobile FastForm 1306 Mobile Application

FastForm App
System Features

Very simple, familiar user interface

  • Full, sun-readable screen
  • Glove-friendly screen

Simple to designate and/or edit

  • Type of jump
  • Type of aircraft
  • Lift and pass
  • Right or left door
  • Drop zone
  • Jumper information
  • Create accurate and clean DA Form 1306
  • Process each jumper in less than 10 seconds
  • Printing available via Bluetooth or USB
  • Email available via Wi-Fi or cellular
  • Compatible with Android OS 4.1 or greater
  • Jumper information is taken from Common Access Card
  • Custom feature development available upon request
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