The Customer:

  • US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command Life Cycle Management Center (TACOM LCMC)

ADS Life Cycle Support:


Design & Development




The Challenge:

Many U.S. Army missions require the use of lightweight, low profile transportation for their operators to navigate a variety of aquatic environments. To provide readiness for these missions, Army leadership tasked TACOM LCMC to head an effort to identify a cost-effective family of inflatable boats and outboard motors (FoBaM) capable of fulfilling mission requirements.

TACOM LCMC examined a wide variety of factors before creating the specifications for the FoBaM program, including mission scopes, team size, storage capacity, weight limits, land mobility requirements, and more. After careful consideration they pursued procurement of a combination of 7-Person Inflatable Combat Raiding Crafts (I-CRC) and 15-Person Inflatable Combat Assault Crafts (I-CAC) outfitted with small displacement, 30 horsepower gasoline multi-fuel powered outboard motors.

Wing Inflatable Combat Crafts:

  • P 4.7: 7-person Inflatable Combat Raiding Craft (I-CRC)
  • P 5.8: 15-person Inflatable Combat Assault Craft (I-CAC)

ADS Subject Matter Experts worked with our marine equipment manufacturing partner, Wing Inflatables, to collaborate on a submission for the FoBaM solicitation. Our submission integrated Wing Inflatables industry-leading technology and efficient manufacturing process into our value-added support services to provide the most advanced inflatable boats available – P 4.7: 7-person I-CRC and the P 5.8: 15-person I-CAC. Completely Berry Amendment Compliant, both models are constructed with permanent heat-welded seams, opposed to glued, for extended service life. The polyurethane fabric provides two to three times more puncture resistance when compared to other materials such as Hypalon or PVS. The buoyancy tubes are tapered to maximize interior space, reduce weight, and increase fuel efficiency. Both models feature anon-reflective dull coat finish, and non-deteriorating composite transom.

ADS, Inc. - FOBAM Evinrude BRP 30MFE Motor

We also worked with Evinrude BRP to identify a motor that would meet U.S. Military Shipboard Use Gasoline Requirements, as well as mandated DOD Common Fuels Initiatives. Evinrude BRP's durable and reliable 30MFE motor was the ideal solution with proven performance in the field.

Evinrude BRP 30MFE Motor:

  • Engine Type:
    Inline 2-Cylinder E-TEC DI
  • Fuel Type: Multiple Fuel:
    Standard Gasoline, Kerosene, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, Jet-A, Jet-B, Diesel
  • Horsepower: 30
  • Weight: 160 lbs / 70 kgs
  • Displacement: 35.2 cu in / 575 cc
  • Full Throttle RPM Range:
    5500-6000 tr/min
  • Gear Ratio: 2.15:1

The FOBAM Program requirements called for multiple logistics support functions.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • New Equipment Training
  • Procurement
  • Fielding
  • Sustainment

The program required an efficient acquisition process to provide short and long-term sustainment for the system. We worked with TACOM LCMC to develop a high impact, cost-effective procurement and supply chain solution that addressed TACOM LCMC’s fielding requirements as well as long-term sustainment efforts. We also put processes in place to monitor the supply chain’s critical path, ensure on-time delivery and identify any early indications of scheduling delays. In some cases, we mapped out the second and third tier of the manufacturing hierarchy to ensure the end product’s United States manufacturing origin could be easily verified for compliance.

To ensure mission success, we worked with program managers to develop a comprehensive new equipment training video to educate personnel on the proper operating and maintenance procedures for the FOBAM components.

No matter where your requirement is in its life cycle, we can help.

ADS is your force-multiplier, reducing your logistics support burden so you can focus on your mission.
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FOBAM Evinrude BRP 30MFE Motor

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