High Performance FR.

Core Capabilities


Born on the battlefield, DRIFIRE offers the ultimate FR protection for the toughest jobs. Their no-melt, no-drip flame resistance won’t wash out or wear out over time. DRIFIRE garments also contain the same moisture management technology used by the world’s best athletic brands: garments dry four times faster than cotton to keep you comfortable and performing your best. And that’s not all: inherent odor protection ensures your garments won’t smell, even after multiple wears. For maximum performance, comfort, and safety, DRIFIRE has you covered.

Base Layers
Crye Precision
Flight Suits

Top Supplier Products


These are just a sampling of the products we offer. Call 866.845.3012 or send us your contact information through our contact form.

  • DRIFIRE® – PRIME™ Short Sleeve Tee

  • DRIFIRE® – Fortrex® 2-Piece Flight Suit (NAVAIR)

  • DRIFIRE® – Fortrex® Combat Shirt (NAVAIR)

  • DRIFIRE® – Fortrex® / CRYE Field Shirt & Pants

  • DRIFIRE® – Fortrex® / CRYE Combat Shirt & Pants

  • DRIFIRE® – Fortrex® 2-Piece Flight Suit Jacket & Pants

  • DRIFIRE® – Fortrex® Combat Shirt & Pants

  • DRIFIRE® – Fortrex® 1-Piece Flight Suit (NAVAIR)

  • DRIFIRE® – Ultra-Lightweight Base Layers

  • DRIFIRE® – Women's Sports Bra