The Customer:

  • U.S. Air Force Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources (BEAR) Program Office

ADS Life Cycle Support:


Design & Development




The Challenge:

The Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources (BEAR) Program provides Combat Air Forces increased mobility and strike capability. Their mobility concept is focused on rapidly deploying forces, complete with shelters and support facilities, that are capable of independently supporting and launching sustained combat operations with the same independence as fixed theater installations.

The nucleus of the program's infrastructure centers around mobile base packages. All facilities and equipment within the packages are designed to minimize weight, to maximize modular design and to be C-130 transportable. To further enhance mobility, the BEAR program presented a strong need for reliable expeditionary soft sheltered kitchens that were easy to set up or tear down. In order to accomplish this, multiple manufacturers and components would have to be integrated and tested.

To address the BEAR Program's challenges, our Program Team managed all of the testing activities including the type of testing facilities that were used and their location to delivering the final test reports. We also leveraged our strong supplier relationships and subject matter expertise to develop solutions that exceeded first article testing (FAT) requirements and greatly contributed to the program's initial RDT&E success.

Part of the testing requirements included developing test protocols or unique testing methods for a myriad of standards including MIL STD, STAM and recognized commercial standards.
ADS also worked through all stages of the water and electrical system design and conducted user evaluation testing where everything was provided to support it.

Testing Methods Included:

  • Strength Erect Test: A time lapse video recording of the shelter during usage.
  • Set Up/Tear Down Test: A time lapse video recording of the number of people and the amount of time it takes to set up or tear down the shelter.
  • Snow Load Test: The shelter is loaded with layers of fabric until a simulated snow load of of 10 lbs. per square foot is reached. The shelter's internal deflection is is then measured and recorded.
  • Sand and Dust Test: A simulation in which 25 lbs./min. of silica sand is air blasted at the shelter at over 60 mph.

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Base Expeditionary Airfield Resources (BEAR) Kitchen

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