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No one has a tougher, more demanding job than those carrying out homeland defense and security operations. ADS provides Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) engineered with survivability in mind. Let us track down the best apparel, equipment, and procurement strategy for your mission.


Clothing Systems: Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble

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Cold Weather Gear: Extreme Temperatures Require Extreme Measures

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EXTREME TEMPERATURES, EXTREME MEASURES From the frigid forests of Northern Europe to the snow-capped mountain ranges of Korea, any force with the foresight to stockpile and train with the right…
active shooter

Active Shooter Impact on Law Enforcement Response Training & Preparedness

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What Defines An Active Shooter Situation?  As it relates to law enforcement, an active shooter situation is described as one in which a shooting is in progress and typical law…

Riot Gear & Combatives

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THE BERRY-COMPLIANT RIOT SUIT Riot gear keeps law enforcement safe. Optimal riot gear is fire retardant, stab/slash resistant, and doesn’t impede mobility. London Bridge Trading, Inc.’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)…

Ballistic Protection: Choosing The Right Body Armor

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BALLISTIC PROTECTION: CHOOSING THE RIGHT BODY ARMOR When selecting the appropriate type of body armor for your mission, our industry experts can help track down the best solution based on:…