Technology advances have led to more accurate fired and enhanced viewing through long-focus lenses. What was once an art of improving human vision is now the ability to leverage the entire electromagnetic spectrum – with night vision, thermal, and infrared optics.

Though manufacturers are designing products with combined optic technologies, a one-size-fit-all solution remains elusive. ADS can help customers meet mission objectives through our integrative approach and vast supplier network.


Weapons Optics are already harnessing machine learning and specific-purpose artificial intelligence. These sights turn even inexperienced marksmen into elite snipers, using multiple lasers for triangulation, automatic tri-axis correction and delayed firing. As optic technology rapidly changes and the government acquisition cycle works to catch up, ADS provides immediate access through 50+ procurement vehicles.

Day Scopes
Night Vision – Infrared
Don't see what you're looking for? Day Scopes, Night Vision, Range Finders, Illuminators, Thermal Optics, Fused Systems, and Lasers Only Scrape the Surface of ADS Options.

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