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In its Operational Energy Strategy Implementation Plan, the DoD has a strategic goal to reduce the overall demand for operational energy and improve the efficiency of the military energy in order to enhance combat effectiveness and reduce risks and costs for military missions.
For current and future warfighters to truly be effective in theater and extend their operational reach, they must have:
  • the capability to harness energy from the surrounding environment
  • maximize the energy resources they have
  • reduce dependency on traditional fuel-powered energy generation

Does LED lighting actually save money?

And if so, when are those cost savings realized?
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"If you change the light bulbs on a ship to LEDs, it saves three to five percent of total energy on that ship."

-U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, in an interview with International Business Times

Our Sailors did not join the Navy to change light bulbs every day. LED conversion was not based on energy savings alone.

-Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy - Energy, Installations & Environment

"Operational energy equates exactly to operational capability."

- General John Allen, Commander, International Security Assistance Force/United States Forces .- Afghanistan

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