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Medical Capabilities

First responders and warfighters need easily accessible and high-quality medical equipment when reacting to a variety of scenarios. ADS’ dedicated experts identified the best combination of supplies for your mission, pairing them with realistic medical training and simulations to give you an edge in real-world scenarios.  


Stop The Bleed: Active Shooter Incidence Response Kit

There's a kit for that.
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Medical & Human Performance News

Hendrick Motorsports STEED
Human Performance

Silent Tactical Energy Enhanced Dismount (STEED): Enhancing Human Performance During Dismount Operations

In today’s battlefield environment, troops are challenged to compromise with the need for ever-increasing squad-level capabilities and their ability to carry these excessive loads without critical levels of fatigue and…
ACFT Army Combat Fitness Test

ACFT: ADS' Solution for the Army's New Human Performance Test

In October 2019, phase 2 of the six-event Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) implementation period began. The ACFT is replacing the 39-year-old Army Physical Fitness Test and will become the…
Phokus Research Group Launches 2 New Products at SHOT Show 2020

Phokus Research Group Launches 2 New Products at SHOT Show 2020

Phokus Research Group is excited to launch two new products at the SHOT Show Las Vegas 2020 event—a waterproof option for its behind the plate and pocket trauma kits, as…

Readiness Human Performance

READINESS HUMAN PERFORMANCE ADS works with top human performance suppliers to provide our deployed service men and women an opportunity to enhance their physical training capabilities while in theater. Unpredictable…