Back by popular demand, ADS is grouping its maritime exhibitors in two areas—both on the Warrior Expo West show floor and immediately outdoors at the Marina Village.

On the show floor, 17 of our maritime partner suppliers will be located centrally, providing demonstrations both in their booths and a designated show floor area. Outside the San Diego Convention Center, ADS is hosting operator demos at the Marina Village. As an operator, you’ll have hands-on experience with unmanned, remotely operated underwater and surface vehicles.

ADS’ purpose for grouping our leading manufacturers in maritime and dive in the same place is to make it more efficient for our Warrior Expo customers to peruse the latest maritime products, services, and technology.

Since the major drawdown of our troops in Afghanistan, the Navy, Special Ops teams and other services are starting to go back to their diving and maritime roots. They’re getting back in the water after years of a predominantly land war. We have an exciting Dive-Maritime presence this Warrior Expo West 2017.”
– Jim Phalin, ADS Supplier Account Manager and Retired Navy Master Diver

New Exhibitor Products

Bauer Compressors (Booth #1517)

Bauer Compressors just released a NEW game changing breathing air compressor system, UNICUS® 4i. It will not be on display in their booth, but customers can speak with a Bauer Compressors Representative to learn more about its added benefits, including:

  • 12 inch HMI touch-screen
  • Real-time assessment of breathing air quality
  • Real-time sampling of air by a third-party lab as prescribed by NFPA 1989
  • RFID equipped SCBA cylinders
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Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) (Booth# 1514)

OTS will display its highly-anticipated Spectrum Full Face Mask (FFM) that allows divers to use their own regulator. This simple method eliminates heavy costs associated with standard FFMs, as well as reduces jaw fatigue and dry mouth while providing clear communications.

The Spectrum FFM and it’s added benefits include:

  • Fits most 2nd Stage regulators
  • Comfortable double seal
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt
  • Easy to equalize
  • Wide field of vision
  • Allows for underwater communications
  • Accessory compatible
  • Coated tempered safety glass visor
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OTS will also show the all new, low cost Portable Diver Recall or PDR-100. The PDR-100 was designed with Military, Public Safety, and Commercial applications in mind. This portable diver recall system includes everything you need to get started, including:

  • PDR-100 unit
  • Underwater speaker
  • Battery
  • Charger
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Strategos (Booth# 1516)

Strategos is the first boat maintenance and training company we will have at Warrior Expo.  Strategos maritime services include but are not limited to:

  • Service life extension
  • Preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance program planning
  • Small boat design
  • Small boat inspections
  • Maritime training
AquaLung (Booth #1519)

Aqualung will have its Emergency Breathing and Inflation System (EBiS). EBiS is available with 1.5 and 2 cu ft bottles. In addition to a breathing apparatus, EBiS incorporates a power inflator, and there is also a pressure relief valve on the inflation system.

EBiS shown on the Aegir 38 maritime armor carrier from FirstSpear. Image source: Soldier Systems Daily

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Teledyne SeaBotix
Mustang Survival
Ocean Technology Systems
Xcel International
Bauer Compressors
RJE International
Aqua Lung
Rini Technologies
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Wing Inflatables: Marina Village

The Wing/Henshaw Team is very excited to premier two of their latest evolution inflatable boats at the Warrior West Show in April. This will be the first time the Wing/Henshaw-built Debatts boat will be shown at a major exhibition in the US.

Also look out for the latest design of the P4.2 Rescue boat that is in high demand by municipalities across the US as public safety professionals recognize its capability in water rescue including swift water scenarios.  We look forward to seeing everyone in San Diego in April.

We look forward to seeing everyone in San Diego in April.”
– Andrew Branagh, CEO WING Inflatables

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San Diego Convention Center

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