Maintenance, Repair & Operations

More than just vehicles.

Our MRO Capabilities

When it comes to Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO), ADS offers the best tools, vehicles, construction and safety equipment, as well as the proper storage. Let ADS track down the right equipment for your mission and pair it with the best storage solution so your investment remains mission ready and in the right hands. 


TEK Solutions: Carpenter's Kit With Power Tools

There's a kit for that.
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Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Feeding The Masses

FEEDING THE MASSES Whether responding to a domestic emergency response or providing hot meals for warfighters on the move, using closed combustion heat exchangers is the future of on-the-move cooking.…
Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Aviation Maintenance & Ground Support Equipment

ADS’ years of technical and contracting experience lends itself to researching, innovating and developing adaptive solutions to fulfill warfighters aviation requirements. PHASE MAINTENANCE KITS, HARDWARE TRACKING & ORGANIZING TOOLS When…
Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Corrosion Free, Mission Ready: Protective Covers & Aviation Storage

PROTECTIVE COVERS Hard shelters, soft shelters, container systems, and tarps are a few of the ways operational equipment - such as vehicles, tanks, weaponry, tools parachutes, and white gear -…
Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Maximize Space & Manage Assets for Operational Efficiency

ADS solutions track high-value equipment assets via radio-frequency identification (RFID) and computer inventory tracking. When assets are stored in harsh environments, we offer protective solutions to safeguard against the degradation…

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