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When it comes to Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO), ADS offers the best tools, vehicles, construction and safety equipment, as well as the proper storage. Let ADS track down the right equipment for your mission and pair it with the best storage solution so your investment remains mission-ready and in the right hands. 


TEK Solutions: Carpenter's Kit With Power Tools

There's a kit for that.
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MRO News & Updates

Tyndall Air Force Base Hurricane Michael
Air Force

Tyndall Air Force Base Rebuild

From researching to contracting and delivery, ADS responded quickly to the call. Tyndall Air Force Base suffered billions of dollars of damage from Category 5 Hurricane Michael in 2018. Nearly…
Hendrick Motorsports STEED soldier capabilities
Human Performance

Silent Tactical Energy Enhanced Dismount (STEED): Enhancing Soldier Capabilities During Dismount Operations

In today’s battlefield environment, troops are challenged to compromise with the need for ever-increasing squad-level capabilities and their ability to carry these excessive loads without critical levels of fatigue and…
Advanced Aviation Blanket Technology Modernizes the Army’s Cargo Helicopters
Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Breakthrough Aviation Blanket Technology Modernizes the Army’s Cargo Helicopters

Cocoon CH-47 ITAB Developed from Cargo Helicopter R&D Initiative After observing significant deficiencies with existing thermal acoustic blankets on Chinook helicopters, Cargo Helicopter initiated a research and development effort aimed…
Maintenance, Repair & Operations

MRO Market Day 2019

Every year, ADS invites key Maintenance, Repair and Operations vendors to come spend the day at our headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA, where employees get to see their solutions in action, ask questions, and…