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Rent MacroTrac Flooring for Pandemic Field Hospitals & Shelters

MacroTrac Field Hospital for COVID-19
MacroTrac QMS Stadium Field Hospital

Pictured: Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon (left) and QMS Stadium in Australia (right) fitted with I-TRAC Heavy Duty Flooring.

Responding quickly and proactively to the current pandemic, IPL MacroTrac has accelerated production of man-deployable, expeditionary matting products to meet the flooring demand of quick deployed COVID-19 field hospitals and overflow shelters.

As an established manufacturer of the most trusted matting products for stadiums, construction and military deployment, MacroTrac is stocked with products, including the heavy duty I-Trac, medium duty Supa-Trac and light duty Supa-Trac X-Press. These high-quality products require no special tools for installation, can be shipped within 24 hours and take only one day to be installed in a stadium.

MacroTrac I-Trac Gen 2
SupaTrac X Press MacroTrac
Supa-Trac™ X-Press

With six of the ten largest injection molds in the world producing matting products in three manufacturing facilities in the U.S., MacroTrac is enabled to meet large quantity requirements in a short time frame. With both purchase and rental options, MacroTrac is standing by the support your pandemic response needs.

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When your mission is serving on the frontlines, ADS and MacroTrac are here to quickly source and deliver the flooring equipment required to do your job safely.

Mahaffey Building and SupaTrac flooring install