Training is an investment that goes beyond any individual evolution.

Basic training in the military requires regular re-evaluation as new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) come to light.

Because learning requires repetition, commanders have many opportunities to test the latest TTPs on regular and recurring bases, but several things can prevent commanders from giving troops the kind of top -tier training they deserve: sot, time, and effectiveness.

Ammunition is expensive, planning wargames take time, and evaluating the outcome of wargames is challenging without knowing which metrics will get them closer to the objective.

MILO's Range Training Simulator is a near 360-degree video bases scenario simulator, allowing several individuals to use a variety of weapons in real-world scenarios. Unlike some video-based training that rely on graphics, MILO scenarios incorporate real actors who respond as people would, given a range of consequences.


Troops and commanders train for the unknown to protect themselves and their fellow warfighters. While it is a perennial challenge to replicate combat scenarios, repetition is necessary to keep the tip of the spear sharp.

Modular shooting solutions are fabricated for maximum durability and safety with minimal maintenance and range downtime.

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