Pop quiz: Would you rather call 40-plus vendors to determine the interoperability of their products in order to build a field medical facility, or would you prefer to make one phone call for one item to address every requirement on your list? Chances are, you are going to choose the second option. That’s exactly the type of challenge we at ADS, Inc. love to tackle for our customers.

For the last three years, ADS’s medical team has been working with HDT and a variety of our medical partners to develop a complete, turnkey remote medical facility solution. This solution can be procured as a single part number, customized to meet specific mission requirements and can be delivered to any destination in the world, kitted and ready to go.

Because of our strong ties with our manufacturing and service partners, we were able to develop a fully-integrated solution…every component represented in this kit works seamlessly with each other. By developing the field hospital solution from the ground up with our partners, we were able to provide our customer with the capabilities they required, when and where they needed it, without the massive time and resource investment that would have been needed on their end had they tried to develop it on their own.

This challenge originally stemmed from the State Department, via the Africa Contingency Operations Training & Assistance (ACOTA) program as a requirement to supply a United Nations (UN) approved Level II hospital to Togo to support Mali, a designated area of conflict. Once the requirements were defined, we worked with more than 45 manufacturers and service providers to address the stringent UN requirements, including everything from power sources, support systems and on-site training. The resulting solution is a UN-approved, standardized mobile hospital unit that can be transported anywhere in the world via 6-20ft shipping containers.

This mobile, deployable hospital system truly is all-inclusive. It provides just about everything you would expect to find in a traditional hospital, aside from consumables, including power generation and water support, in addition to the surgical, life support, hospital and dental capabilities as outlined by the UN.

As a humanitarian asset, the facility’s capacity, outlined by the UN, is to perform three to four surgical operations per day, while at the same time providing hospitalization for 10-20 sick or wounded for up to seven days. At least 40 outpatients can be seen and 5-10 dental consultations can be given every day. The facility is also designed to accommodate medical supplies, fluids and consumables for 60 days.

That’s no small order, but our initial solution was so effective, we are currently working on the second iteration of the system. Like the original request, future requests can be ordered through the U.S. State Department for distribution through the UN and ACOTA to a designated conflict area. ADS also has access to a variety of other simple, efficient contract options that can facilitate the procurement of these field medical hospitals for DOD or Federal Agencies.

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