Ideal for Conventional & Dismounted EOD Operations.

The IED PPN System is an all-inclusive solution system  to render safe a device using x-ray imagers and precision-aim in conjunction with XTK software to prosecute a threat and accurately neutralize that threat.  The kit enables users to take precision shots from the same point of origin as the x-ray source without losing accuracy due to rise of barrel or losing point of origin after taking a shot.  This kit is fully tested and characterized, it is WSERB Certified and MTAB Approved.

The IED PPN increases operational efficiency and precision targeting of individual components within a device with extreme accuracy to reduce time on target ensuring the safety and welfare of the operator.   This system minimizes the potential of spreading contamination from a CBRNE type device and maximizes the forensic intelligence than can be gathered against the bomb maker.  To learn more information about our Special Missions Solutions and to download or order the catalog please click here.

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