Did you miss Warrior Expo West due to work obligations or travel restrictions? Fear not. In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), ADS, Inc. has scoured the social media world and compiled a list of trending posts and tweets from the show. Don’t just take our word for what Warrior Expo is like—see what industry influencers like Breach, Bang, Clear and RECOIL Magazine had to say about the latest products and technologies that were debuted at the show.

Warrior Expo is a biannual premier defense industry show, hosted by ADS. It’s exclusive to military, law enforcement, first responders, and the defense industry. Exhibitors are invite-only and are comprised of leading manufacturers and suppliers of operational equipment, technology, or services. For more information on how to register for Warrior Expo East, taking place from July 13 – 14 in Virginia Beach, VA, visit warrior-expo.com.

London Bridge Trading (LBT Inc.), a Warrior Expo sponsor, shared this video! Thanks to LBT Inc. and Divine K9s for this great combative demo that took place in the center of the show floor.

Chad Lyman, Code-4-Concepts founder and Modern Use of Force & Legal Review course instructor had high anticipations leading up to the show. ADS hired Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts as a third party training company in order to enhance the educational environment. We were thrilled to have them and got rave reviews on their training curriculum!

Breach, Bang, Clear also conducted a series of Facebook Live videos introducing new products and their applications. Learn more at Breach, Bang, Clear's Facebook page.

Training with JTM Training Company got as real as it could get in the Saving Lives in a Tactical & Austere Environment class. This 2-hour course, Dr. Gandy and JTM associates offered students continuing medication credits, a certificate, and real-world knowledge on treating combat wounds.

#training while at @ads_inc #warriorexpo …packed that real good-like. #thatswhatshesaid #goodshit #savelives #gettrained

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Breach, Bang, Clear wrote a pretty terrific comprehensive summary on Warrior Expo West and why it may be one of the best industry shows—yet!

Source America, one of ADS’ partners in procurement, connected with lots of customers. 

New products like Angel Armor’s ballistic door panels were very popular! These concealed and weatherproof panels exceed NIJ standards for multi-round and special threat protection.

The non-profit row included all of ADS’ partnering non-profit organizations. When it comes to supporting our nation’s military, veteran and first-responder communities, we take our commitment to these heroes and their families seriously. For more information on our Mission Give Back partners, visit our website.

Nationally known media outlets such as RECOIL Magazine were in attendance conducting product reviews of some of the latest technology.
S&S Precision Products made a big impact on the folks at Warrior Expo AND beyond.

S&S Precision at Warrior Expo West #WarriorExpoWest #WEW #RecoilWEW17 #recoilmagazine #recoilweb

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American-made and Berry Compliant products from companies like HWI make all the difference for our customers!

See you next year, San Diego!

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