Every year on November 11, Veterans Day recognizes and honors the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918 that signaled the conclusion of World War I, originally known as Armistice Day. Veterans Day helps remind us to celebrate and honor America’s veterans for their willingness to serve and sacrifice and for their patriotism.

We are committed to hiring and training ADS team members from within the military community. More than one third of ADS employees are veterans or members of military families, which is why we have been awarded the distinction of Military Friendly Employer.

This year, we asked some of our internal veteran community to share with us what the Veterans Day holiday means to them. Here are a handful of their responses.

What does Veterans Day mean to you?

Sean Johnston

Sean Johnston

Inside Sales Manager – Federal Team & MARINE CORPS VETERAN

It allows me to take a few moments and reflect on some of the memories I had while in the Marine Corps. I also give my thanks and appreciated to all of the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Mark Libonate, Veterans Day

Mark Libonate

Market Director & NAVY VETERAN

Veterans Day provides an opportunity to reflect upon and be thankful for all Americans who have selflessly dedicated, or are currently dedicating, their time and talents by serving in the Armed Forces. On a personal note, I reflect upon those in my family, especially my father, who provided the example that led to my service in the Navy.

Michael Paulk

Michael Paulk

Senior Business Development Manager & MARINE CORPS VETERAN

Veterans Day gives me the opportunity to honor American veterans (as well as many other veterans from across the globe) for their patriotism, love and dedication to duty for the common good. It truly humbles me to know the gift I experienced serving alongside such great men and women.

Quawnishia Morgan Veterans

Quawnishia Morgan

Warehouse Manager & NAVY VETERAN

To me, Veterans Day is a day to celebrate, appreciate and honor the men and women who served in our great military under honorable circumstances. Regardless if you’ve served for a single enlistment or a full retirement, you are deserving of this honor and title because a veteran has fulfilled a commitment and departed on honorable terms. To choose to serve in the U.S. military is a selfless act, and it should be appreciated and honored.

David LaMontagne

David LaMontagne

Project Manager & NAVY VETERAN

This is the day I stop to acknowledge our veterans, past and present, for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for me and my family. This is also a day that I reflect on my own experiences in the military and how my shipmates and I contributed to the success of the missions we were involved in.

Ken Kline, Veterans Day

Ken Kline


Veterans Day means honoring those 0.4% who are currently serving and have served and to recognize the sacrifices and commitment they and their families have unselfishly volunteered for. Those veterans can never be thanked or honored enough. If it were an easy, that percentage would be much higher. To the many before me and to those currently serving, thank you for allowing my family and I to live freely.

Thank you, Veterans

To all the veterans who work at ADS and the millions across the globe, we extend a heartfelt thank you for preserving our freedoms we cherish and hold so dearly. On Veterans Day and every day, we thank you for your service.

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