ADS President addresses 2016 graduates of The Honor Foundation

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. December 22, 2016 – Navy SEALs and U.S. Special Operations forces have powerful life skills that can be highly valuable when translated into the business world, ADS President Karan Rai recently told a group of SEALs and Special Forces members transitioning to civilian careers.

“The question becomes: How do you deploy those skills in business?” Rai said.

Rai’s comments came as part of a commencement speech he delivered to 21 graduates of The Honor Foundation—a career transition institute created exclusively to help SEALs and special ops make career transitions. ADS partnered with the San Diego-based foundation, that now offers its courses in Virginia Beach, to support their mission. As part of that partnership, Jen Edwards, ADS Vice President of Human Resources, has become actively involved with the foundation by teaching a course designed to help with the transition to the civilian sector that has become an integral part of their curriculum.

Skills like resume writing and interviewing can be learned, Rai told the group.

ADS President Karan Rai with The Honor Foundation Founder & CEO Joe Musselman
You know what you can’t teach people? Experience. Guts. Determination. The will to win. The will to serve. Resolve. Commitment. There is no course for that! But you all possess those skills already, and that is a huge advantage.”
   –  Karan Rai, ADS President

Rai said he was extremely proud when asked to address The Honor Foundation graduates. The SEAL and special ops community is an elite group of people with unique skills, and one that ADS—a Virginia Beach-based supplier of equipment and services to military and first responders—is proud to call its customer.

In fact, the SEAL community was integral to ADS’ earliest days, when the company’s founder Luke Hillier began outfitting SEALs and Navy divers with wetsuits and scuba equipment out of the Lynnhaven Dive Center.

Rai concluded his address by offering to meet personally with each graduate as they continue their transition to civilian employment. He also offered graduates the “Super Power” of meditation, setting aside 30 minutes of quiet reflection time each day.

“Business is about clarity,” he said. “He who thinks the most clearly, the fastest, is going to win this game.”

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