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60+ Personalized Care Packages
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Through Active Valor’s Care Package Program, ADS had the unique privilege of creating and sending over 60 personalized care packages to active duty military members overseas in what’s determined to be the biggest shipment to date.

It is because of companies like yours that we get to say thank you to those fighting for our freedom.”
-Active Valor

One of the most rewarding things we do at Active Valor is getting the opportunity to work side by side with other veterans, continuously trying to serve their community. We’ve had the extreme pleasure of sharing stories, building new friendships, and passing along knowledge we have gained from our military experience. It is truly a blessing.

As much as we love to strengthen our veteran community, our work doesn’t stop there. As a veteran owned organization, we will always remember where we came from and the honor that came alongside serving our country. In remembering those things, we also remember the sting of being away from loved ones, deploying during birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, and precious first moments. In everything we do, we want to make sure we honor those who still wear the uniform and still put themselves in harm’s way to keep us all safe at home.

ADS, Inc Active Valor Care Package thank you

One company decided to go above and beyond for these men and women. We are proud to announce that ADS has again joined our Remember Everyone Deployed initiative, and has personally adopted two platoons deployed overseas. ADS’ personal interest and generosity means that over fifty deployed men and women will be receiving personalized care packages complete with hand written notes, items, requested hygiene kits, entertainment, and items from home.

Through our care package program, we give people and companies the chance to show their love and appreciation for our troops overseas in tangible support. ADS reached out to us wanting to show their personal support to those still deployed by sponsoring not one, but TWO Company Care Packages, totaling over 60 personalized care packages. Their incredibly generous donation came with more than just sending boxes overseas.

With our care package program, we personally take the time to reach out to these men and women overseas and find out the important items that they don’t have access to, comforts they miss from home, and the little things that give them joy in such an unfamiliar part of the world. This not only impacts the people receiving them, but the veterans who get to assemble them. When we put these care packages together, we bring groups of veterans together to personally pack the boxes which gives them the opportunity to connect with one another, strengthen bonds and to also give their thanks to their brothers and sisters still in the fight. As an added bit of support, we also include personal letters of gratitude and encouragement.

With our last packing party, ADS not only provided us with the ability to send love overseas, but also provided us with the chance to share life with some honorable men and women. Their donation led to us flooding the post office with dozens and dozens of packages, which impacted the lives of 28 United States Marines in Afghanistan and 25 United States Soldiers in Iraq. It was our biggest shipment we have been able to send to date.

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