In an effort to better serve our customers, ADS, Inc. has enlisted third party training companies to create a curriculum that provides high-quality training to end users, government buyers, and decision makers in a secure environment. ADS researches hot-button industry topics and hosts their respective subject matter experts at their premier bi-annual industry show, Warrior Expo.

New to 2017, ADS, Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, and The Honor Foundation have worked together to craft an educational course focused primarily on the individual and how occupational stress impacts performance and ways to combat it.

Occupational Stress and Its Impact on Performance

We know a lot more today about emotional health and psychological wellbeing in military settings than ever before. The Mental Health Advisory Teams (MHATs), designed by the U.S. military in 2003, assesses the mental health of service members in combat environments.

According to Stress and Emotional Well-Being in Military Organization, 23 percent of American soldiers worked less carefully as a result of stress and emotional problems, 15 percent were limited in their ability to do their job, and 13 percent reported emotional problems that led to an increase in concern from their supervisor(s).

Because of these results, the U.S. military crafted training programs to prepare an individual to recognize and combat stress—both at home and in theater.

To this day, the U.S. Armed Forces continues to work tirelessly to identify and mitigate stressors that impact service members. Because of its extensive research, stress and the negative impact on mental health has been considered the biggest cost associated with human and psychological capital, thus mission readiness.

In stark contrast, the impact of stressors—both physiologically and psychologically—on government buyers and decision makers and how this impacts decision making in the military, department of defense, and federal government remains slightly underdeveloped. It’s easy to understand how or why stress negatively impacts performance or decision making skills, but it’s hard to correlate the relationship between stress or mental health and outcomes.

The question becomes: Is stress universal, and are the methods for mitigating stress on and off the battlefield similar?

Course Description

Stress in this fast-paced world is inevitable, whether you are on the battlefield or in an executive position. Our three experts, each with a different perspective and skills, will offer you insights and practical tools on how to manage the physical, emotional, and psychological implications of stress to enhance your performance—both on and off the job.

Physiological side effects of stress include:

  • Elevated heart rate
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Blurred vision
  • Time speeds up or slows down
  • Cognitive ability is greatly diminished

Psychologically, our cognitive function has a much greater impact on our decision-making skills evoking extreme reactions such as irrational decisions, freezing, fleeing, and submissive behavior.

Progressive F.O.R.C.E Concepts, ADS, and The Honor Foundation all provide a unique spin on ways to combat stress and defend yourself in both physical and administrative high tension environments.

Warrior Expo East

 This course includes nearly two hours of instruction followed by a question and answer session.

Learn more about training opportunities at Warrior Expo East:

Who Should Attend

Whether you manage a group or supervise a specialized team, these concepts and keys for success will make you more effective at getting the most from your people. All attendees stand to gain new insight from these lessons learned under fire, in and out of the field.

Instructor Bios

Travis Snyder, Senior Instructor at Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts

Travis Snyder brings to PFC a solid foundation of military and law enforcement experience with over 22 years of service as a police officer. Beginning his career in the United States Air Force, he served in both CONUS and OCONUS locations as a Security Police Law Enforcement Specialist. While in the military, Travis excelled in air base ground defense and received training in a variety of heavy weapons. In recognition of his talents, Travis was selected to serve as a member of an Emergency Services Team (EST) where his tactical career began. Travis is currently in charge of tactical training and development for his agency’s SWAT Team. He provides lead instruction in firearms, manual and explosive breaching, covert and dynamic movements, vehicle assaults, active shooter, hostage rescue, open area rescue, and mission planning. Travis is also his department’s master instructor for Active Shooter Response and Defensive Tactics. Travis currently instructs PFC Training courses in weapons and tactics, leadership, and active shooter response.

Sandra Travis, Faculty and Coach at The Honor Foundation

Sandy Travis is a seasoned international coach, consultant, and trainer with over 30 years of experience in diverse corporate environments and international organizations. She has personally been practicing HeartMath® coherence and resilience building methodologies for over a decade and has now made those tools and techniques the primary foundation for her coaching, training, and consulting with high performing executives, elite teams, and organizations. Travis’ career spanned the globe, including a position as senior management development consultant for the Coverdale Organization Inc., as well as running her own consulting firm. Sandy has a Bachelor of Science with Honors and Distinction from Cornell University and Master’s Degrees from both Yale (Neurobiology) and the School for International Training (International Administration).

David Helms, Regional Account Manager at ADS, Inc.

David Helms’ past position as Superintendent, Tactical Communications for the 1st Special Operations Communications Squadron prepared him for his current role at ADS. For 23 years, he served as an enlisted member of the United States Air Force, including deployments to Honduras, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.  As a Senior NCO, he served on the A6 Staff at HQ AFSOC as a Resource Advisor and Functional Manager and was responsible for executing over $30M a year.

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