We sat down with ADS' Marketing Coordinator Jordan Hall  to learn how the Annual Holiday Video came to be.
ADS Inc Holiday Video

Jordan Hall, Marketing Coordinator

Q: How do you get everyone at ADS to participate in the video each year?

A: When I first started with ADS five years ago, my coworkers' enthusiasm about the annual holiday office decorating contest inspired me to document it. Positive employee morale has always been something I’ve seen as important in the workplace, and I thrived on the impact the office decorating contest had on employee camaraderie and glee during the holidays.

The first year we shot the holiday video, some employees had a hard time seeing my vision or were just camera shy. Once I began lovingly bullying them with a camera and aggressive festive music, they started to understand my concept.

When the first video was complete and revealed at our company holiday party, ADS employees were already planning their screen time for the next year!

Q: What is a Mariah, and how did you pick them? What inspired you to choose the song All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey?

A: In the making of this video a Mariah, for all intents and purposes, is someone who possesses a high level of energy, embodies the essence of the Christmas spirit, and has great lip syncing skills. The Mariahs were hand-selected from every department and made up the Holiday Video Dream Team: comprised of individuals responsible for organizing shots and leading walkthroughs.

The song All I Want For Christmas Is You was actually chosen by our first Mariah and lead company actress, Army Team Senior Inside Account Manager, Ashley Brandt. Her undeniable dedication to lip dub is clearly a passion that she should pursue in her free time.

Q: Explain the elevator scene at 3:19.

A: Our headquarters is located in a four-story office building where ADS offices fill about 80 percent of it. The remaining spaces are businesses with patients and customers—one of which is a dentist office.  Patients are regularly walking around the building, sometimes with ice packs from procedures. We often find ourselves having candid conversations in the elevator with coworkers, and realizing there is a patient taken aback by our banter.

Q: What's your favorite item in the prop box you bring to holiday shoots?

A: This year, my favorite item in the prop box was the giant candy cane. The Mariahs used it as a baton pass as they sprinted through our headquarters. It’s the one constant throughout the video that really unites us all.

I also really liked holding the speaker behind the cameraman. All I Want for Christmas Is You never gets old. Okay, maybe it does on December 26th.

Inspired by The Office and a Statesville Chamber of Commerce. Special thanks to Ironclad Media for their unwavering support. 

Jordan Hall, ADS Marketing Coordinator

We’re honored to serve the best customers in the world. Our collective purpose unites us in more ways than one—as you can see in the holiday video that showcases our unique culture,” said Chris Philbrick, Vice President of Marketing. “ADS is a great place to work.”
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No matter your position at ADS, your job is valuable and we understand the impact you make. Through routine training opportunities and investments in professional development, ADS offers its employees chances to grow at every turn.

We are also committed to hiring and training ADS team members from within the military community. More than one third of ADS employees are veterans or members of military families, which is why we have been awarded the distinction of Military Friendly Employer.

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