From the frigid forests of Northern Europe to the snow-capped mountain ranges of Korea, any force with the foresight to stockpile and train with the right gear won’t just survive the cold—they’ll turn an extreme environment into a game-changing force multiplier. Simply equipping your operators with effective over-snow mobility options and reliable cold weather gear gives them a massive edge over a peer adversary.

ADS understands your budget rarely includes a separate line item for cold weather gear. Not to mention, official DoD cold weather requirements guidance is riddled with capability gaps at extreme temperatures, especially for individual mobility and mountaineering needs.

Our custom kitted solutions take the guesswork out of unstandardized acquisition of cold weather gear by using proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment—ensuring maximum compatibility with your current equipment and operational doctrine.

Purchase environmental protection systems, boots, and gloves—all under one cost-effective invoice that can be applied to multiple budget categories. Spend less time in the office and more time training.

Beyond Clothing’s A7 Cold Jacket and Pants is built with a DWR coated nylon ripstop shell over Climashield® APEX Insulation. The APEX insulation keeps you warm, retains heat while wet, and dries much faster than down. The nylon ripstop shell repels rain and wind. The A7 Cold Jacket is oversized and designed to be worn over layers A1-A5 while static in arctic climates.

Outdoor Research’s (OR) Cold Weather Glove System

Outdoor Research’s (OR) Cold Weather Glove System is easily integrable, reduces the need for multiple liners, and offers the warfighter enhanced tactility, comfort, and warmth in extreme cold weather environments.

OR Firebrand Mitt allows for compression-resistant warmth, while insulation on the back of the hand and thumb provides warmth without the bulk OR Firebrand Trigger Finger Mitt features a fold-back index finger for trigger-finger access ensuring a firm grip with excellent tactile feedback OR Convoy Glove is designed for all-around tool and weapons handling in cold active conditions and reduces the need for multiple liners

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