From the frigid forests of Northern Europe to the snow-capped mountain ranges of Korea, any fore with the foresight to stockpile and training with the right gear won't just survive the cold—they'll turn an extreme environment into a game-changing force multiplier.

Simply equipping your operations with effective over snow mobility options, reliable cold weather climbing gear, and proper skis gives them a massive edge over even a peer adversary.

ADS understands your budget rarely includes a separate line item for cold weather gear. Not to mention, official DoD cold weather requirements guidance is riddled with capability gaps at extreme temperatures, especially for individual mobility and mountaineering needs.

Our custom kit solutions take the guesswork out of the unstandardized acquisition of cold weather gear by using proven commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) gear—ensuring maximum compatibility with your current equipment and operational doctrine. Purchase skis, poles, boots, bindings, rappelling gear, and environmental protection systems—all under one cost-effective invoice that can be applied to multiple budget categories. Spend less time in the office and more time training.

Extreme Cold Weather Gear

DSP Skis pioneered and perfected the use of carbon fiber in skis—reducing weight, increasing sensitivity, and improving power. To demonstrate their military and tactical market offerings they partnered with Crye to design a pair of Wailer 99 skis in Multicam Alpine.

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