Expeditionary Capabilities

Base camps enable power projection by supporting boots on the ground in austere environments for extended periods of time. ADS understands the importance of scalable expeditionary camp solutions when it comes to distributed operation requirements.

We provide rapidly deployable, turnkey, scalable camp solutions with the largest selection of high-quality equipment, efficient procurement, and cost-effective support solutions.


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Expeditionary News & Updates

watergen usa

Water From Air—Atmospheric Water Generation

It’s not magic, it’s science. Science that has the potential to change the world. A system which, from air, brings the essential element of life to the lips of those…

Microgrid Power Systems

POWER FORWARD IN THE BATTLESPACE Microgrid power systems reduce fuel consumption by 25 to 80 percent at Forward Operating Bases(FOBs). With proper planning and design, the system cuts overall man…

Advanced Camouflage Technologies

DELIVERING THE TACTICAL ADVANTAGE Military services scramble to make Command Posts and warfighting platforms more survivable with advanced signature management. Advanced multispectral camouflage solutions are critical to mission success, preventing…

Soldier-Borne Power on the Battlefield

THE FUTURE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY  Technology designed to improve situational awareness on the battlefield has increased a Marine Rifleman's power burden by 40%. An Army Infantryman has a power requirement…

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