Expeditionary Capabilities


Base camps enable power projection by supporting boots on the ground in austere environments for extended periods of time. ADS understands the importance of scalable expeditionary camp solutions when it comes to distributed operation requirements.

We provide rapidly deployable, turnkey, scalable camp solutions with the largest selection of high-quality equipment, efficient procurement, and cost-effective support solutions.


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Expeditionary News & Updates

Tyndall Air Force Base Hurricane Michael
Air Force

Tyndall Air Force Base Rebuild

From researching to contracting and delivery, ADS responded quickly Tyndall Air Force Base suffered billions of dollars of damage from Category 5 Hurricane Michael in 2018. Nearly every structure on…
Instantly Deployable UN Level II Field Hospitals

Instantly Deployable UN Level II Field Hospitals

When U.S. peacekeeping efforts in Africa and Asia required four instantly deployable United Nations (U.N.) level II field hospitals, ADS led the development, integration and delivery. ADS employees traveled to…
BERG Mobile Command Post

Mobile Command Post: Adaptable and Agile Solution for the Army’s Modernization Requirements

The U.S. Army's command post capability requirements are shifting from large tent-based solutions to smaller, mobile command posts that are agile, and equally effective. This modernization effort ensures command posts…
watergen usa

Water From Air—Atmospheric Water Generation

It’s not magic, it’s science. Science that has the potential to change the world. A system which, from air, brings the essential element of life to the lips of those…