Expeditionary Capabilities


Base camps enable power projection by supporting boots on the ground in austere environments for extended periods of time. ADS understands the importance of scalable expeditionary camp solutions when it comes to distributed operation requirements.

We provide rapidly deployable, turnkey, scalable camp solutions with the largest selection of high-quality equipment, efficient procurement, and cost-effective support solutions.


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Expeditionary News & Updates


Safe & Reliable Power Distribution for the 3kW Tactical Quiet Generator

The Challenge: Tactical Quiet Generators (TQGs), were developed in response to changing military threats. New strategies and fiscal constraints dictated improved battlefield survivability, enhanced deployment and maintainability while reducing operating…
Training Safely During a Pandemic

Training Safely During a Pandemic

COVID-19: SOCIAL DISTANCING AND EXPANDED FOOTPRINT SOLUTIONS /// PROBLEM SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIREMENT Millions of members of the U.S. Armed Forces have worked remotely in response to shelter in place orders…

Deploying and Redeploying Safely During a Pandemic

COVID-19: ROM & QUARANTINE SOLUTIONS /// PROBLEM IMPLEMENTING DEPLOYMENT/REDEPLOYMENT SCREENING & ROM GUIDANCE To ensure operational security and the safety of personnel and their families, units may need to quarantine…
Mass Notification Systems for Public Safety

Emergency Mass Notification Systems for Public Safety

In times of crisis, it is the responsibility of governments and emergency agencies to communicate critical information quickly and effectively to keep people safe. In order to properly warn and…