has their ear to the ground on the latest technology in the Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle (UAV) arena and has identified ADS as a leader “at the cutting edge of problem solving.” See what Will Rodriguez, author and editor, had to say about ADS and its upcoming events where leading breakthrough UAV technology and drone countermeasure experts collide.

ADS, Inc. continues to identify solutions for their clients’ real-world challenges with the latest equipment available. One of the major blobs on everyone’s radar screen are drones. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have become ubiquitous in a multitude of roles/

Increasingly, some of those roles are not in our interest. ADS continues to be at the cutting edge of problem solving with its Federal Range Day on June 9th at the Crucible Training Facility in Virginia.

The civilian sector develops new uses for drones daily—ranging from sports photography to real-estate applications. Government is also leveraging drones. First responders are using drones for situational awareness to surveillance. Most critical and well-known are military applications of drones.

Drone availability, affordability, and technology has surged. Unfriendly individuals, groups, and countries are using drones in a wide variety of roles. Accompanying that growth is the threat to innocent civilians, first responders and our military need to develop countermeasures.

The battlefield is where most would expect drones to be weaponized, used to gather data, or solutions developed to keep the enemy from doing the same.

Recently, ISIS weaponized a small drone and carried out a bombing run killing an Iraqi soldier. Combating constant Russian surveillance, Ukraine has pressed civilian drones and their operators into service to monitor Russian separatist artillery employment.

State and local law enforcement, federal government agencies, and even commercial venues, such as sports stadiums and airports, are also looking at methods of combating obtrusive UAVs. Even prisons have seen drones used to deliver drugs to inmates. Our critical infrastructure—including nuclear plants—may be a target.

The proliferation of drones in the hands of private operators, organizations, and unfriendly nations raises the need to develop useful anti-drone systems that are versatile, scalable, and available today. Technology isn’t standing still.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) introduced SideArm, a portable drone-grabbing system that snatches drones out of the air. Airbus introduced a system that electronically attacks drones to make them fall out of the sky. Other counter-drone methods trap them inside invisible fences or inside anti-drone nets.

These are much needed steps in the right direction, but are limited solutions. Federal Range Day by ADS promises to demonstrate what is currently available in the drone and counter-drone market—specifically in the sUAV or small UAV sector.

ADS supply partners—Battelle, MyDefense, Physical Sciences Inc (PSI), Proxdynamics, and Ziska—will demonstrate purpose built systems used by military, law enforcement, prison, and physical security personnel to protect military installations, control posts, critical infrastructure, prison facilities, and public gathering venues.

Today, the individual first responder or soldier needs a personal drone when responding to a crisis or executing a mission. Proxdynamic’s Black Hornet personal reconnaissance system with nano sensors and PSI’s Instant Eye high performance, low cost all-weather aerial system will put on live demonstrations of their futuristic personal drone technology solutions.

The threat also has access to similar, but less capable sUAV technology. As we’ve seen from from Iraq to Ohio to Ukraine, counter-drone solutions are urgently needed. ADS has also marshalled solutions for this problem.

Battelle’s Drone Defender direct energy on-kinetic C-sUAV solution, My Defense’s Knox C-sUAV detection and mitigation defense system, and Ziska’s Air Armor Anti-Drone Defense C-sUAV Detection reporting and mitigation product will all be on hand to demonstrate the latest in counter-drone approaches available now.

Trijicon’s Crucible Training Facility in Fredericksburg will host the ADS Federal Range Day on Friday, June 9 from 0900 to 1400. It promises to be a fascinating day and is only open to government ID holders.

Article Originally Published on by Author Will Rodriguez

Will Rodriguez is a 20+ year former Infantry officer with experience in both light and mechanized units as well as armor. His last assignment was serving in the Infantry school's battle lab doing DOTMLPF (doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities) assessment on weapon systems, equipment) assessment on weapons systems, equipment and technology to equip the Infantry for the next 10-20 years. Will also is the senior editor for, a website dedicated to issues of interest to the Infantrymen and those that support them. Will is a frequent contributor to Spotter Up, as well as an assistant editor. His work has also been published in,, the Loadout Room, and Infantry Magazine. He is also a firearms instructor and holds a masters degree in Counseling and Leader Development.

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