While fielding a pandemic outbreak such as COVID-19, it is necessary to have the best medical equipment with speed and accuracy. Top of the line medical diagnostic tools are critical as they help to provide quick readings and updates on patients.

Rapidly Deployable Modular CT Center

/// from Philips

Radiology departments around the country must remain ready to answer the call to support the COVID-19 crisis, a disease for which imaging will play a vital role in the patient continuum of care. Philips Computed Tomography (CT) is dedicated to fulfilling the diagnostic promise of CT imaging, advancing patient care with innovations in CT product design, radiation dose management, image quality and advanced clinical applications. ADS, Inc. and Philips are supporting pandemic response with a rapidly deployable Modular CT Center.

Philips Modular CT Center is an investment dedicated to:
  • Limit spread of the disease
  • Assess/monitor and triage COVID‐19 patients quickly and efficiently
  • Make patient treatment and management decisions
  • Conserve PPE
  • Reduce staff exposure
  • Maintain in-hospital CT scanners for non‐COVID‐19 patients
  • Provide both accurate diagnosis and risk stratification for COVID‐19 infected patients

Philips Ingenuity CT Scan Module: Diagnostic Imaging Suite Building

This diagnostic imaging suite building offers a state-of-the-art disinfection system with a layout designed to expedite patient examination while minimizing staff contact and exposure. Offering the highest level of infection control measures, negative pressure to also include UV-C on each surface 100mj/ cm^2 in a 10-minute period.

In compliance with Institutional Type II-B and Seismic D design and engineering requirements, this building has a 50-year life expectancy.

  • Institutional construction
  • One-hour fire rated walls and roof
  • Fully finished interior and exterior
  • CT system site-installed
  • Fully contained HVAC
  • UL designs
  • Philips design certified
  • IBC seismic zone D
  • IBC 150 mph structure
  • HHS compliant

/// Interior Floor Plan

/// Exterior Floor Plans

Some CT’s will be redeployed from existing infrastructure for the initial ramp-up. As infection peaks pass in initial populated centers, rural environments will begin to be the hardest hit, so another round of redeployment of assets will be needed. Some facilities are planning on having up to 17,000 medical beds in large exhibition centers, so a redeployment of the existing CT fleet will not be enough in a few months’ time. Based on emerging global standard practice for temporary and field hospitals, one CT is needed for every 1000 beds of additional capacity. Roughly 80 percent of all recovered patients have residual lung findings, so many of those CTs will need to be redeployed on hospital grounds once the COVID overflow sites close, as the recovered patients will need access to ongoing imaging.

CT Scanner

Express Testing Center Process:

  1. Patients drive up and wait in their vehicle: No metal objects on clothing above the waist
  2. Patients are registered while in vehicle
  3. Protective gear is distributed to the patient
  4. Patient enters CT building when notified
  5. Patient completes CT by listening to technologist’s instructions
  6. Patient exits testing building and returns home
Important notes for Modular CT Centers:
  • Cycle times will be 10 minutes (can be made less with different UV Options)
  • Each high touch surface will receive at least 100mJ/cm^2 does of UV in the 10‐minute period
  • No UV‐C light source will be greater than six feet from any touchable surface
  • Individual fixtures will be used in an attempt to minimize the shadow spots and ensure ALL high touch surfaces receive specified dosage
  • A 180-degree UV‐C light source will be used to disinfect inside the CT bore
  • Bulbs will include a cover, which ensures no unsafe breaking conditions including containment of Mercury
  • HVAC will also include HEPA filter and would turn over room air every two minutes
  • HVAC will also include UV‐C sanitation for additional coverage
  • UV‐C will also be included in the technologist control room, radiologist/office and corridor
  • Dosage was calculated by optimizing distance, number of fixtures and cost

*Because these products are in high demand, ADS will quote and source these products to the best of our ability. Due to the strain on the supply chain, orders may be canceled. We will do our best to find an alternative.

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