COVID-19: Pandemic Response Preparedness


For military and first responder pandemic response for COVID-19, ADS can quickly source and deliver the products that you need. Our rapid acquisition vehicles can get you essential life-saving equipment faster than traditional contracting timelines. Through thousands of long-standing supplier relationships, we quickly find and deliver the equipment you need to do your job—safely. Whether you have funding or need it, ADS is a prime on over 65 contracts and has the power to move your requirement forward. From decontamination and disinfectant, personal protective gear, diagnostics, as well as military shelters for quarantine and isolation, ADS, Inc. is here to help you do your job safely. ADS is prepared to quote and source these products to the best of our ability and/or find an alternative solution for your mission.

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Paramedic uses Philips Lumify Reacts for diagnosis
Pandemic Response Preparedness

Diagnostic Tools for Pandemic Response

While fielding a pandemic outbreak, it is necessary to have the best equipment with speed and accuracy. Top of the line diagnostic tools are critical as they help to provide…
Essential Decontamination & Disinfectant Products: Pandemic Response
Pandemic Response Preparedness

Essential Decontamination & Disinfectant Products: Pandemic Response

Decontamination & Disinfectant In order to reduce the risk of infections, decontamination and disinfection are a priority. By reducing microbial contamination, potential transmission of infection can be mitigated. ADS works…
Pandemic Response Preparedness

Shelter Systems and Equipment For Additional Hospital Capacity

Shelter, Quarantine & Isolation Should quarantine be necessary, caring for patients in isolation is priority. When hospital systems need to create additional space for patients in critical care, top of…
Alternate Care Site Solutions for Pandemic Response
Pandemic Response Preparedness

Alternate Care Site Solutions for Pandemic Response

Alternate Care Sites (ACS) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are evaluating hotel and arena facilities to convert them into alternate care facilities in response of the COVID-19 pandemic. A facility…

Guide to Personal Protective Equipment for Military and First Responders

Personal Protective Equipment Keeping yourself protected at all times is extremely important for high-risk situations. Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE,” provides protection from exposure to hazards. Contact…
Pandemic Response Preparedness COVID-19

Pandemic Response Preparedness: COVID-19

Through thousands of long-standing supplier relationships, we quickly find and deliver the equipment you need to do your job—safely. ADS, Inc. has compiled the following list of products geared toward…
Instantly Deployable UN Level II Field Hospitals

Instantly Deployable Field Hospitals

As the world responds to COVID-19 outbreaks, some countries are making use of medical resources originally donated by the U.S. for peacekeeping purposes. This includes the four rapidly deployable hospitals…

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