Hard shelters, soft shelters, container systems, and tarps are a few of the ways operational equipment – such as vehicles, tanks, weaponry, tools parachutes, and white gear – are currently being stored, offering varying levels of protection from the elements.

For more frequent use, protective covers help protect vehicles from the following issues:

  • Mold and corrosion
  • Coating system deterioration due to UV and abrasion
  • Equipment electronic failure from corrosion and excessive heat damage during storage
  • Airborne particulates which cause corrosion and sand damage to windscreens

Cocoon protective covers and storage systems dramatically reduce corrosion, improve readiness while reducing maintenance and extending equipment life cycles.

  • Turret & ground vehicle protection
  • Rotary & fixed wing protection
  • Power & storage container protection
  • Corrosion preventative warehousing & storage systems

Operational readiness of military equipment degrades in corrosive environmental conditions during storage and transportation. Plank Road Technologies provides corrosion prevention during storage and transportation with the SecurePac and Low Oxygen Content (LOC) System.

The SecurePac is a durable, reusable, airtight covering that fully encapsulates equipment. The LOC System is a portable system that reduces oxygen, removes oxygen, removes humidity, and reduces particulates – the factors that cause corrosion – inside the SecurePac during storage and transportation. Together, the SecurePac and LOC System greatly reduce the corrosive effects of harsh environmental conditions, thereby improving operational readiness and reducing expensive maintenance.

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