New York Hazardous Incident Response Equipment

More than 18,000 items on contract.

The purpose of the Hazardous Incident Response Equipment contract is to provide Authorized Users, including other participating states, with a means of acquiring various types of Hazardous Incident Response Equipment as per, but not limited to, the Department of Homeland Security Authorized Equipment List. We are one of multiple Contractors available on the Hazardous Incident Response Equipment contract.
Choose from more than 18,000 products from over 80 vendors including:
Bomb detection equipment including MSPT Nanos
Avon gas masks and Cardiac Science AEDs
Tactical Nylon products from FirstSpear and LBT

New York Hazardous Incident Response Equipment (NY HIRE)

Contract #: PC66783

5-Year BPA (6.1.2015 Start Date)
Managing Contract Office: Managing Contract Office: New York State Office of General Services (NYS OGS)
Funds Accepted: Credit Card, PO
Freight: FOB Destination

DHS AEL Categories Offered:

(1) Personal Protective Equipment
(2) Explosive Device Mitigation & Remediation
(3) CBRNE Operational & Search and Rescue Equipment
(4) Information Technology
(6) Interoperable Communications
(7) Detection Equipment
(8) Decontamination Equipment
(9) Medical Equipment
(10) Power Equipment
(12) CBRNE Incidence Response Vehicles
(14) Physical Security Enhancement Equipment
(15) Inspection and Screening Systems
(16) Animal and Plants Equipment
(17) CBRNE Prevention & Response Watercraft
(19) CBRNE Logistical Support Equipment
(20) Intervention Equipment
(21) Other (MRE's, Water, Maint/Calibration/Training)