U.S. Department of the Interior FieldCom IDIQ

ADS is a participating vendor on the FieldCom IDIQ contract, designed to provide support for various government owned or operated field communication systems, support for the management of the system life cycle and access to commercial field communication systems.

As a prime vendor for Functional Category 1, ADS supports the sourcing and delivery of Field Communication products, including:

  • P25 radio infrastructure and user devices
  • Aviation radios
  • Marine radios
  • Microwave radios
  • Firstnet network devices
  • Communications enclosures
  • Commercial satellite voice and data field communications
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The Department of Interior’s Acquisition Services Directorate can function as your full service contracting office, managing your entire acquisition via FieldCom.
Related incidental services are permitted with Functional Category 1 purchases.
$3 Billion Ceiling
Available to all Department of Defense and Federal Agencies
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