DLA TLS – Tailored Logistics Support Program

Easily allocate MIPR/MILSTRIP funds through the DLA Tailored Logistics Support Programs.

The DLA TLS Programs, administered by DLA Troop Support, provide authorized government agency customers, CONUS and OCONUS, with a quick and easy option to allocate MIPR/MILSTRIP funds.
All pricing deemed fair and reasonable by DLA Troop Support
Berry Amendment, Trade Agreements Act and Buy American Act compliant
Improved response time and high level customer support

ADS is a participating vendor in both the Special Operational Equipment (SOE) and the Fire & Emergency Services Equipment (F&ESE) DLA TLS Programs.

The DLA TLS Programs, administered by DLA Troop Support, provide authorized Department of Defense, Federal Government and other approved Federally-funded agency customers, both CONUS and OCONUS, with a fast, simple procurement option to allocate their MIPR/MILSTRIP funds. ADS provides a full range of equipment to the Department of Defense, Federal Agencies, State and Local Governments, as well as other authorized customers worldwide. If you are a part of the U.S. Government you can take advantage of this program.

  1. Contact your ADS rep to outline your needs and select equipment that fits within the program’s scope and meets the proper compliancy restrictions. We’ll help verify part numbers, lead times, pricing (including freight), and country of origin before providing you a quote.
  2. Register for the program online (links below.)
  3. Email your order to DLA Troop Support, who’ll act as your contracting office.
    SOE TLS Orders:
    F&ESE TLS Orders:
  4. DLA Troop Support will compete the requirement amongst the participating TLS vendors and provide best pricing for all items requested. Once approved, DLA Troop Support will contact you and your FOPOC for funding information before an award will be made.

Quick Tips

Since no money is tied to the transaction until you agree to the final price and send back your MIPR/MILSTRIP, you can submit your order without having any obligation to spend.

You may not have to fund the award immediately. DLA requires funding in 15 days, but if requested, they may extend the timeframe.

Special Operational Equipment (SOE) DLA TLS Program


3-Year MAIDIQ (3.7.2014 Start Date)
Managing Contract Office: DLA
Funds Accepted: MILSTRIP, MIPR
Contract Fee: 5.4%
Contract Cap: $10 Billion

Freight: FOB Destination

Contract Scope

The contract scope involves the total logistics support required to supply customers and missions related but not limited to: Survival Gear, Tactical Equipment, Protective Eyewear, Vision Enhancing Equipment, Escalation of Force Equipment, Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS), Scuba and other Diving Equipment, Thermal Protection Equipment, Surface Supplied Diving Equipment, Communication Devices, Saturation Equipment, Compressors and Air Purification Systems, Hyperbaric Instrumentation and Equipment, Lifesaving – Search and Rescue Equipment, Gas Analysis Equipment, Air Crew Support and Flight Deck Safety Items, Underwater Tools, Clothing & Textiles – Apparel, Load Carrying Equipment (i.e., vests, backpack systems, trunk lockers), Lethality Support Items (i.e., slings, holsters, mobility pad items, straps and fasteners, reflective belts), Survival Kits, Mountain Climbing Equipment, and Other Special Operations Equipment Items.
Incidental services and training relating to the operational equipment items requested shall be considered however please note the Contracting Officer makes the final determination if incidental services and training can be supported on a case by case basis.

Fire & Emergency Services Equipment (F&ESE) DLA TLS Program


4-Year MAIDIQ (10.31.2013 Start Date)
Managing Contract Office: DLA
Funds Accepted: MILSTRIP, MIPR
Contract Cap: $872 Million
Contract Fee: 5.4%
Freight: FOB Destination

Contract Scope

The contract scope involves the total logistics support required to supply customers and missions related but not limited to: Hoses, hose fittings, nozzles, tools, fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents, poles, ladders, rescue devices, SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) and other respiratory protection, shovels, regulators, hazmat suits, uniforms, station and training wear and equipment, structural, AARF, shipboard, and forestry turn out gear and other protective products, gloves, boots, helmets, hoods, goggles, environmental, industrial, HAZMAT, WMD, terrorism, and first response personal protection, first response and search and rescue equipment and supplies, decontamination, detection, communication equipment and tools, suppression, surveillance and alarm systems and system parts, propane and other fire and first responder training systems and other first responder equipment, emergency station vehicle exhaust and ventilation systems, breathing air compressors, emergency egress and protective systems, pumps, and generators. All items are commercial products or modified commercial products which are identified by manufacturer’s part number, or commercial item descriptions.
This program also covers related incidental services and training, listed under the general category of Incidental Services Associated with Fire and Rescue Operations, which shall include but is not limited to: Extinguisher and SCBA Refills Conversion, Hose Testing Calibration, Ladder Testing Overhaul, Protective Clothing Laundering & Repair, Pressurized Bottle Hydraulic testing Installation, Equipment Functional Testing and applicable training, Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Training, Suppression, Alarm and Surveillance Systems (Fixed & Mobile), and Training concerning items provided under the contract.