Staying current with rapid advancements is a challenge. The element of surprise, unseen agents, lethal devices, and the constantly changing nature of the CBRNe threats make development of new technologies imperative.

Our detection and decontamination experts understand the wide landscape of detection and identification capabilities to advanced analytical identification tools. Our team identifies technological gaps and tp bring you the very best defense equipment.


Detecting CBRNe threats without putting military personnel at unnecessary risk is a common objective in the next-generation warfighting. Detection systems, communication equipment, and protective gear are designed for improved first responder safety.


With a wide range of chemical, biological and radiological threats, it is imperative troops have foundation of personnel protective equipment and a breathing apparatus. ADS has contract vehicles in place to offer rapid acquisition of boots, gloves, suits, and more.


The nature and extent of contamination is as unique as the environment it's in, and no single solution is applicable in all situations. ADS' experts can help first responders identify the appropriate combination of decontamination methods needed for a specific environment or threat.

NOR E First Response MEDecon's 3L-18

The MEDecon's 2L-16 is a compact, mobile decontamination trailer dedicated trailer dedicated to small group or mass casualty decon response. The MEDecon 2L-16 is implemented on-site in 10 minutes.

Kappler Frontline's 500

This gas-tight suit offers three-way protection—broad chemical holdout plus flame resistance. This single garment eliminates the need for the typical two-suit NFPA 1991 configuration.

Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband

Reconzining everyone's role in layered defense strategies, Morphix Technologies developed the Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband.

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