C4ISR Capabilities

Reliable communication and real-time situational awareness can neutralize threats, but it requires cutting-edge technology. With best-in-class equipment, the warfighter can track troop movements in real-time on today's battlefield. Emergency responders arriving at active shooter situations can coordinate efforts between federal, local and state police as well as inform healthcare professionals of inbound casualties. 

A small task force can relay updated battlespace information to the control center as they encounter it. A SWAT ground team can direct snipers to a corrected location. In an ever-changing environment, ADS stays abreast of communication and technology trends to provide our customers the very best equipment for even the most complex operational challenges. 


Drone Countermeasures for the Unmanned & Unidentified

Drone and Counter-Drone Solutions
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Real-Time Situational Awareness, Anywhere

COMMAND & CONTROL Today’s warfighters and frontline personnel must leverage best in class Command and Control technologies to execute mission assignments based on a range of real-time disparate data. The…

Sensors & Biometrics

INTELLIGENCE & SURVIELLANCE Neutralizing threats and providing aid to individuals in need requires robust communications technology, yet crisis situations often strain networks. When networks reach their limits, vital intelligence can…

Counter-UAS Technology: Drone Killer

Spotterup.com has their ear to the ground on the latest technology in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) arena and has identified ADS as a leader at the cutting edge of…
Military Operators Manual Drone Course

Warrior Expo West: Advanced Manual UAV Pilot Training Course

Interested in the most cutting-edge defensive and offensive drone tactics? Performance Drone Works (PDW) will present a summary of their five-day manual UAV course. Wednesday, April 18, 2018 | 1230…

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