ADS, Inc.’s very own Nikki Williams has made headlines yet again—in the most positive way possible. Since Nikki started with ADS, Inc. over 2 years ago as Assistant General Counsel and Director of Compliance, she has made quite the impact on the company’s compliance program and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Modern Counsel, “a network of today’s most influential legal minds, and legal strategists spanning industries and functions,” sat down with Nikki to interview her unique approach.

“Assistant General Counsel Nicole Williams’s successful restructuring of ADS’s compliance program centers on an unlikely ingredient: joy”

KC Esper, Modern Counsel

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To support her mission of ensuring the program was long-lasting, Williams created the First Friday program—a strategic way to encourage employees to participate in ongoing training sessions without feeling burdened or bored by the material. “‘Training’ is not a word that most people like to hear,” she says. “We wanted our First Friday program to create a habit of ongoing learning through defining repeating intervals in a microformat, which makes the material easier to retain and quicker to digest.”

Williams says the best part of her job is knowing she is helping make a difference for members of the military and first responders. Both inside and outside the office, Williams takes any opportunity to exercise this passion for fostering positive change, especially through her involvement with the ADS Mission Give Back Foundation, a nonprofit that helps support military families and first responders.

“My husband is a first responder, and my father is a retired Air Force pilot,” she says. “Their service to our country, along with all other men and women who have served and continue to serve, is inspiring. I’ve seen their sacrifices and how it impacts them and their families. Being able to give back to them is especially satisfying for me.”

Regardless of the task, whether it’s creating a new program or organizing a fundraising event, Williams welcomes the opportunity to learn, to embrace change, and most of all, to have fun while doing it.

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