Cocoon CH-47 ITAB Developed from Cargo Helicopter R&D Initiative

After observing significant deficiencies with existing thermal acoustic blankets on Chinook helicopters, Cargo Helicopter initiated a research and development effort aimed at improving performance and usability. The result was the CH-47 Improved Thermal Acoustic Blanket (ITAB). Led by the mission to improve readiness and reduce operational/sustainment costs through weight reduction and corrosion mitigation, Cocoon developed what can be described as technology in the form of a textile.

The CH-47’s old blankets are heavy and absorb fluids which can add 140+ pounds to the aircraft during normal use. These also can create a fire hazard from absorbed hydrocarbons. Trapped moisture against the airframe from the old blankets causes corrosion and promotes the growth of mildew and mold, harming both the airframe and soldier health.

With the new ITAB, the Army is able to modernize the aviation and thermal blanket for the CH-47, not only significantly reducing weight and improving performance, but increasing readiness, decreasing maintenance and sustainment costs, and improving soldier safety. These advancements represent a major leap forward for Chinook helicopter blankets.

Cocoon ITAB
ITAB Features:
  • Drop-in replacement (1 for 1 with old blanket)
  • Lightweight, multi-layer non-woven textile
  • Does not absorb fluids so will not gain weight over time
  • Air permeable, preventing the build up of moisture between the blanket and the airframe, impeding corrosion and mold
  • Fire resistant
  • Received airworthiness certification and has been fielded in CH-47

Warfighter Payoff


Increased operational effectiveness with reduced operational costs

  • 60 pounds saved when compared to old blankets (newly installed)
  • After two years of use, ITAB gained no weight from absorbed fluids—an approximate 140 pounds of savings when compared to old blanket after use

Reduced O&M costs

  • Ongoing flight tests show a reduction in both mold and fire hazard

Health, Safety and Comfort

  • Eliminates health and safety concerns caused by mold and fire hazard
  • 40% improvement in acoustical performance, reducing cargo bay noise
  • 10% improvement in thermal R-value
Cocoon CH-47 ITAB
Cocoon CH-47 ITAB
Cocoon CH-47 ITAB

ADS Solution:

The CH-47 Improved Thermal Acoustic Blanket (ITAB) reduces operational and sustainment costs through weight reduction and corrosion mitigation, while improving readiness and safety.

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