Interoperable Mobile Communication Platform Solutions: Voice, Video, Data Over Cellular, Radio and Satellite Systems.

Nomad is an industry leading provider of Mobile Communication platforms.  Nomad Global Communication Solutions provides custom engineered specialty vehicles and communication platforms are designed and engineered to provide interoperable communications via mobile access to voice, video and data services over cellular, radio and satellite systems. Their innovative solutions provide in-field first responders, disaster preparedness teams,  and emergency personnel with the communication tools they need in infrastructure compromised areas.

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  • Nomad GCS – Man Portable Network & Surveillance Nodes (MPNN & MPSN)

  • Nomad GCS – Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV)

  • Nomad GCS – Tactical Communications Trailer (TCT)

  • Nomad GCS – Tactical Surveillance Trailer & Tactical Network Trailer (TST & TNT)

Nomad GCS

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