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At First-Light, our tactical lighting solutions are thoughtfully designed with the operator in mind. We’ve spent years studying how tactical professionals use their lights. Their movements, decision-making processes, and even their stress levels. The results of these careful observations are common-sense designs that offer uncommon tactical performance advantages. Our lights are built to adapt to the actions of the user, rather than forcing them to alter their actions to accommodate their flashlight.

Our lights offer varying degrees of white-light brightness and a variety of LED-color options and combinations, including NVG-friendly Infrared, Red+Green for highlighting blood, multi-color safety beacons, and strobe.

When paired with one of our TRS Mounts, the functionality of your First-Light will grow into a versatile hands-enabling tactical lighting system. With rugged construction and ergonomic design, TRS mounts allow our lights to be integrated comfortably into duty belts, worn on tactical vests, and firmly attached to ferrous surfaces.


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