Bloomberg Government Ranks ADS Among the Top 50 Federal Industry Leaders

Bloomberg Government just released their fifth annual report of the top 200 Federal Industry Leaders in 2016 and ADS, Inc. was ranked among the top 50 (49 out of 200.)

The BGOV200 report (first in a series of three reports) identifies top federal companies through unclassified contracts awarded in the previous fiscal year and breaks down their rankings by categories and contract obligations.

According to Bloomberg Government, the U.S. Government spent over $440 billion in 2015 and there were 27 companies new to the list this year. Since ADS, Inc.’s position of 56 in 2014, the company has jumped 7 spots putting it in the top 50 of the report’s 200 Federal Industry Leaders. With regards to customers, ADS, Inc. ranked highest with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) being it’s largest at $1 billion and second highest with the General Services Administration at $35.8 million in fiscal year contracts. According to the annual report, top markets in 2015 for ADS, Inc. include engines and power generation, facilities supplies and technology equipment. Donald Thomas, Head of Government Contracting Solutions Business at Bloomberg Government had this to say about the state of the government spending marketplace in 2015.

This year, top federal contractors have seen decreased contracts, enduring budget pressures, continued consolidation and unprecedented mergers and acquisitions activity.

– Donald Thomas, Head of Government Contracting Solutions Business at Bloomberg Government

The report also states, total government spending decreased from $447.6 billion to $440.8 billion – a 1.5% decrease year over year. However, with over $1.1 billion in 2015 fiscal year obligations, ADS, Inc. has continued to grow and climb the rankings. Looking forward to 2017, fiscal topline spending has not yet been approved but President Obama requested $610 billion for defense and $564 billion for non-defense. According to the report, the marketplace is expected to continue to climb which is good news for government contractors.

You can download the full report from Bloomberg Government for a detailed analysis of the rankings here:

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