Preparation goes further than just how much training you’ve put in. To be fully ready for whatever mission life throws your way, you need to physically ready. Physical fitness is the biggest factor in your ability to accomplish your mission when you’ve got boots on the ground. ADS has your back as you get into peak condition.

ADS carries many items from companies like BeaverFit, a company that specializes in physical fitness products for “tactical athletes.” BeaverFit was founded by former United States Navy Riverines and British bridge builders, so they know what it means to have to have to be tough to accomplish the mission. Their product line focuses on endurance and strength equipment integrated with its own locker that is rapidly deployable wherever you end up going.

BeaverFit’s Functional Training Locker (10’) facilitates physical training for up to 50 personnel and assembles in 45 minutes or less. Equipment load-out is available upon request.

Whether you have 100 personnel or five, ADS carries the right solution for you

Here's an excerpt from Spotterup Tactical who recently featured this equipment after visiting Warrior Expo East:

“At first glance, you would see that BeaverFit is an expert at creating bold structures, deployed for various physical fitness needs. They provide professional rigs and ready to go boxes to suit a myriad of requirements. They also offer the option to personalize your own build, depending on your specified fortitudes. But BeaverFit has even taken it a step further than that, creating a way to implement dynamic shooting and breeching tactics into it all.

With stress shoots being a vital part of training, focusing on reaching a high heart rate is a great way to replicate your bodies initial reaction to a real-world situation. Inducing a form of hypoxia, through muscle exertion, presents a safe and effective way to obtain such goals. Stress shoots can be as simple as a few push-ups prior to a static shoot, or as intense as an extreme obstacle course built into a shooting environment. BeaverFit is providing just that, and to your specifications on order.”

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