The aerospace industry is rapidly growing with cutting-edge technology. On the flip side, this equipment often has a lifespan extending decades, requiring support long after the delivery date. ADS’s Aerospace team has the industry knowledge and expertise to source everything from advanced avionics to legacy replacement parts.

Who We Serve:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Navy

What We Do:

  • Aerospace Paints, Sealants and Adhesives
  • Aircraft Accessories
  • Aircraft Engines and Components
  • Aircrew Life Support Systems
  • Airframe Components
  • Avionics
  • Flight Deck Safety Items

Obsolescence Management


Aircraft depends on legacy—and sometimes obsolete—equipment. Parts obsolescence negatively impacts a variety of programs and capabilities. Defining the issue is not as easy as simply saying that a part is not made anymore. Parts obsolescence also includes components that are incapable of supporting newer, more technologically advanced platforms and equipment.

For the military, the issue of obsolescence is a challenging one because the critical systems that the obsolete components support cannot simply be abandoned. When possible, we source any existing or compatible solutions. Alternatives include integrating a new component or redesigning an existing system.

Rapid Acquisition


ADS specialize in solving problems by connecting customers with the right suppliers. Through our thousands of long-standing supplier relationships, we quickly source and deliver equipment so you can avoid long lead times, quality issues and contracting difficulties.

Modernization & Sustainment


Rapidly changing requirements, growing threats, shrinking budgets and legacy infrastructure are just a few of the hurdles you face. Finding the right products and services is only part of the solution. No matter where your requirements is in its life cycle, we can help. Whether it’s thinking outside the box to modernize existing equipment, scouting technology, providing additional training or product life cycle management, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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