Military services scramble to make Command Posts and warfighting platforms more survivable with advanced signature management. Advanced multispectral camouflage solutions are critical to mission success, preventing U.S. forces from becoming identifiable targets through multiple surveillance methods.

ADS works with industry leading manufacturers to create the most advanced signature management camouflage system solutions. We understand services must manage the movement of tactical equipment between differing Prescribed Operational Environments (POE) where color schemes are critical to tactical concealment.

  • Near-infrared (NR)
  • Short-wave Infrared (SWIR)
  • Long-wave Infrared (LWIR)
  • Mid-wave Infrared (MWIR)
  • Radar Signatures
The Saab's Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net System (ULCANS) with SWIR Defeat capabilities in arctic, reversible, aviation, and urban variants conceal your most important tactical command and control assets.


Stryker Regiments with the U.S. Army's 2nd Cavalry Regiment (2CR) needed to relocate tactical gear and equipment between theaters with different camouflage and concealment schemes. The required painting equipment to match the color scheme of each rotation, an expensive time-consuming task.

ADS provided the Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) and enhanced Multispectral camouflage solutions negating the need for painting gear and equipment while decreasing detection when vehicles are most vulnerable.

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