Adam Smith, ADS Recruiter and Ready Now Talent Pool Program Manager, spent years in service of both the U.S. Navy and Army National Guard prior to joining the ADS team. Hailing from East Tennessee, he looked for a unique life different than that from farm or factory work, which led him to navigating ships and combatting terrorism, piracy and international smuggling as a VBSS team member. Adam shared that his military background is a way to connect with potential recruits who may be looking for their next career path after transitioning to civilian life.

Adam Smith, Army/Navy Veteran in his uniforms

Adam Smith, Corporate Recruiter

Branch of Service: U.S. Navy and Army National Guard
Years of Service: 6 Navy, 5 Army

Why did you decide to join the military?
Where I am from in East Tennessee, most people either stay on the farm or work at a factory. I joined the military because I wanted something different for myself.

What was your role/roles throughout your time in service?
While serving in the U.S. Navy, my primary job was to safely navigate ships using chart plotting and GIS systems. While deployed, I was a VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure) team member. This allowed me to work with other branches of the military to combat terrorism, piracy and international smuggling.

What is your current position and how does your military experience fit into your current career?
Currently, I am ADS, Inc.’s Recruiter, responsible for all things talent acquisition. Additionally, I serve as the Program Manager for the ADS Ready Now Talent Pool (RNTP) – a program developed in 2019 as a supplement to our recruiting efforts for our Sales Teams. The life lessons I learned in the military help me every day in my current role as I work to connect our potential employee’s service to a valuable position at ADS.

How was your transition from military life to your civilian career?
I had a very smooth transition from active duty to civilian career because from the moment I received my DD-214, I had a plan in place.

What tips and/or advice do you have for veterans leaving their time in service and moving into the civilian workforce?
I encourage active duty military to use the resources the military provides for the transition to civilian life to get a step ahead. It is never too early to research companies that interest you and look at job openings for a position that may match your expertise.

How does your past military experience empower you in your role here at ADS?
Because I know how exciting and scary that particular time can be, having the experience of transitioning out of the military myself allows me to personally connect with those who are looking for new opportunities.

Adam Smith in his Navy Whites

Since I have the same background, it allows a candidate to feel more comfortable around me from our first conversation. Being relatable is a key characteristic to employ when working in recruiting, and my personal connection to the mission that ADS embodies helps to guide my daily job functions.

Adam Smith’s time in service led him to understand the fundamental purpose of what ADS provides for our military service men and women every day. As ADS’s Recruiter, he helps make sure that the team members we hire know our mission and will work to honor it in their daily job functions.

Thank you, Adam, for your dedication to the United States and to the ADS mission.


More than one third of ADS employees are veterans or members of military families, providing a unique perspective on the work that we do. We are committed to hiring and training ADS team members from within the military community.

Are you interested in transferring your military experience to a career at ADS?

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