ADS Awarded DLA Opportunity for 50,000 LEDs

Did you know Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) stocks inventory in addition to sourcing operational equipment and services through Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) contracts? Putting contracts out to bid and purchasing inventory in bulk allows DLA to provide our military service men and women with equipment at a fraction of the cost in as little lead time as possible.

As a prime vendor on one of DLA’s TLS contracts, ADS, Inc. was awarded the delivery order to provide the DLA stock system with 50,000 LED lightbulbs.

It was clear that winning the bid was contingent upon being able to offer short lead times. After winning the bid, ADS was able to execute the order in less than 12 days from  time of award to final delivery. Our unique warehouse, inventory and logistics capabilities make us competitive in this market.

Every Mission is Critical.

At ADS, there is no customer too small, and no order too large. Committing ourselves to shipping out 50,000 lightbulbs in compliance with DLA’s specifications was no easy task, but we met the need head on and with confidence. ADS’ quality purpose is Excellence: On Time, On Target and this case was no exception!

DLA’s specifications required each bulb to be labeled and sleeved, then labeled at the box and pallet level. The infographic below, breaks down the entirety of this order and showcases ADS’ warehouse, inventory, kitting, logistics, and shipping capabilities. Every mission is critical.

LED Bulb Project

  • 50,000 LED lightbulbs
  • 50,000 unit labels
  • 8,316 carton labels
  • 154 pallet labels
  • 77 MSLs
  • 3 truckloads
  • 2 warehouses
  • 25 people
  • 12 days from award to delivery
During my time as the Warehouse Manager, this has been the largest quantity on contract, under military labeling requirements for this facility. Because of this, it is difficult to forecast a realistic timeline. However, I was ecstatic when the team not only came under the contract required timeline, but we exceeded our internal timeline as well. From the time it was awarded, the end user had the product in hand within 15 days. What makes ADS unique in this regard is that we believe in our mission so much that it makes all of us more than dedicated to getting the job done. This makes me very proud of my team.”
-ADS Warehouse Manager, Quawnishia Morgan

Purchase LEDs Through Various Vehicles with ADS

Not only does ADS have LED lightbulbs in stock and ready for purchase through DLA , but Navy, SOCOM, and Marine customers can order the same lightbulbs through DoD FedMall (Formerly Emall) or Servmart using MILSTRIP funds and have them in as little as 24-48 hours—more often than not, much faster than other procurement channels!

Other NAVSEA Approved LED Lights:

24” T-12 LED Lamp – MIL-DTL-16377/86-001

The Intellitube™ is unique due to its sophisticated design with a power-recognizing intelligence, functioning in sockets with a variety of fluorescent ballasts, or with line voltage alone.

Once connected, this lamp is able to read the input current and input voltage. It makes a decision as to which ballast it is connected to; remove the ballast, and this independent LED lamp will stay powered.

Furthermore, the Intellitube’s T12 NEALS emergency ballasts are able to detect a battery in case of a power outage; it will continue to run flawlessly.

The average aircraft carrier has over 30,000 of these bulbs on it. ADS, specifically, has shipped over 500,000 T-12 LED lamps to approximately 40 percent of the entire surface fleet since 2014.

LED Berth Fixture – MIL-DTL-16377/17

The Energy Focus brand LED Berth Fixture consumes 50 percent less power than of legacy Berth Lights and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours until it reaches 70 percent of its original lumen performance. After installation, there will be no need to revisit this fixture for maintenance for another ten years. Changing bulbs is not necessary, requiring even less maintenance and provides for more storage space.


Explosion Proof LED Globe – MIL-DTL-16377J (SH)

These Globe Fixtures are waterproof, shockproof and consume 80 percent less power than incandescent bulbs. They have a lifespan of 50,000 hours until they reach 70 percent of its original lumen performance. After installation, there will be no need to revisit the fixture for maintenance for another ten years. Unlike outdated incandescent technology, the LED Globe Fixtures do not have a filament that breaks often, especially on moving ships. Changing bulbs is not necessary, requiring even less maintenance and providing for more storage space.


For the last three years, ADS has maintained the stocking of inventory that allows us to react to an order of any size, on time and on target.
Every single ship in the U.S. Navy has an Energy Focus product on it and they all came from ADS!

If you’d like to learn more about LED lighting and other energy efficiency solutions that can save you time and money, contact a knowledgeable ADS Representative at 866.845.3012 or fill out the form. 

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