During the pandemic, rapid and accurate COVID-19 testing is essential for controlling the spread of disease. Ensuring the health and safety of the force increases readiness against potential threats as troops return to task.

Current COVID-19 diagnosis is real-time detection from nasopharyngeal swabs, but low sensitivity, exposure risks to healthcare workers and shortages of swabs and PPE necessitate the validation of new diagnostic approaches. Saliva-based COVID-19 testing yields greater detection sensitivity and consistency throughout the course of infection, leading it to be a viable and more sensitive alternative to nasopharyngeal swabs.

Through Remote Health Solutions’ partnership with Spectrum Solutions, ADS, Inc. is proud to have been selected as the exclusive distributor to the Department of Defense of SDNA-1000—the only FDA EUA-authorized saliva-based COVID-19 test.


Technically Superior Saliva Collection Device
  • The only FDA EUA-authorized Saliva Collection Device for COVID-19 Testing
  • Proven to stabilize and protect COVID-19 RNA during specimen transport in all extreme temperatures over 10 days
  • Engineered to reduce at-home user and self-collection errors
  • Sample collection is done through saliva (spit) as opposed to nasal swab


Intuitive Design on Purpose

User collection errors has become one of the most common points of testing failures. The SDNA-1000 saliva collection device was engineered to intuitively solve this problem. The RUCDR saliva vs. swab COVID-19 testing study showcased the unique RNA advantages of the patented Spectrum blue preservation chemistry in addition to its superior DNA preservation capabilities. Visual confirmation is delivered immediately upon securing the cap in place that the device is doing its intended job to deliver the quality samples required for accurate testing results.

SIMPLE: Single device for DNA and viral RNA saliva testing

COMPATIBLE:  Collection tube is compatible with automated platforms and customizable for incremental eff­iciency improvements

INTUITIVE: Intuitive three-step design, proven to reduce customer collection errors

STORAGE: Post collection stability at room temperature for one year, shelf life 24 months at room temperature

EFFICIENT: Significantly reduces costs associated with sample failures and recollection

SHIPPING: Transportable through standard mail at room temperature

SOLUTION: Innovative stabilizing solution that preserves and protects healthy DNA, manages bacteria and inactivates viral RNA

COVID-19: First FDA EUA authorized saliva collection device for COVID-19 testing, both in hospital and direct-to-patient for sample self-collection

Rapid Acquisition. Proven Performance.

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