To deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions, we actively seek out our customers' equipment, training, and logistical challenges.


Our Value

Enhancing end users' ability to complete their mission.
International Cases
Direct Commercial Sales
Strategic Procurement Route Planning

ADS understands the challenges in providing complete solutions to international customers.

We work with foreign government procurement offices, U.S. Embassies, security assistance staff, and CONUS program offices to blend equipment solutions with applicable contracting routes, enabling an expeditious procurement process and case delivery.

By placing the ultimate end user at the center of the solution, ADS provides options and a clear route to acquisition—either through Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), U.S. Security Cooperation Programs, or a mixture of both—based on the capability needs of the customer.


Subject Matter Experts

Our team draws on more than 85 years of combined experience in strategic capability development and force generation, including delivery of combat effect at the tactical level. Using real-world experience and SMEs, ADS supports the end user in identifying capability gaps to define total package solutions with interoperability and sustainability at the core.

Programmatic Level Risk Management

ADS understands programmatic risk. We define packages that are thoroughly de-risked alongside the customer, providing comprehensible solution options. With extensive in-house legal and compliance experience, ADS provides Arms Control Export advice on product selection, matching capability, and compliance to ensure the best enhancements available to every customer.

This allows key decision makers insight into capability development risks introduced by selecting export controlled technology or capabilities, as well as how that impacts the overall solution.

Our Services

Market-Research & Sourcing

By providing pricing and availability early in the planning stages, customers can factor in actual costs, including any contracting or export-related fees.

Offices Located in:
  • Lima, Peru
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Perth, Australia

Complete Security Assistance & Security Cooperation Program Support

The ADS International Team actively supports programs across the entire security cooperation/assistance spectrum through our portfolio of over 50 contract vehicles. We understand the complexities of each and work diligently to streamline all associated processes. Our goal is to effectively support USG personnel and end users throughout the definition, implementation, and closure cycles.

Integrating, Kitting & Delivery

Our warehouse, shipping, and logistics teams are experts in delivering entire solutions—when and where you need them.

Enhancing end users' ability to complete missions

ADS collaborates with decision makers to develop options for ILS throughout the capability life cycle stages, focusing on the customer's access to sustainable long-term, onshore capabilities.

The total package approach integrates ILS with training and doctrinal impacts to support customer ownership in future development and during changes in operational use.


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In-house Export Compliance Staff

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