ADS Inc. is a proud multiple award recipient of the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Special Operations Equipment (SOE) and thedla Fire & Emergency Services Equipment (FESE) contracts as part of the Tailored Logistics Support Program (TLSP). As an incumbent Prime Vendor, ADS has proven itself successful in fulfilling customer equipment and incidental service needs and requirements since its first prime vendor contract awarded back in 2001 and its first TLS award acceptance in 2005. 

ADS’ experienced contracting team, expansive customer-focused sales task force, and its positive relationships with over 3,000 partner suppliers contribute to its ability to exceed the TLS program’s primary goals of reducing costs, ensuring product of choice, improving logistics response time, and improving customer support.  In this blog, we highlight six important things you need to know about leveraging DLA’s TLS contracts in 2017. Be informed with ADS!

no-1_blackThe deadline for submitting End of Year (EOY) orders through DLA’s TLSP Contracts is earlier than last year.

It’s all too common for government entities to reach a use it or lose it period toward the end of the fiscal year. This is a pertinent time for buyers to determine any outstanding requirements and submit them to their contracting office for approval.

For customers, this means NOW is the time to start gathering any last minute purchasing requirements. See Diagram A – TLSP Procurement Vehicles for additional information regarding order processing as it pertains to the FESE and SOE programs.

Submission Date: All TLS orders must be submitted to DLA by September 8, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.  Funding must be in by September 22 at 11:59 p.m. Any orders with Fiscal Year (FY) 17 funds submitted past that timeframe will be returned to the submitter. Any orders received after that timeframe will be processed as FY18 funds.

DIAGRAM A – TLSP Procurement Vehicles
Changes to Process?YesYes
Effective DateJune 2017June 2017
Order Submission DeadlineSeptember 8, 2017 11:59 p.m. ESTSeptember 8, 2017 11:59 p.m. EST
Average Bid Processing Time30 days30 days
Equipment CategoryEquipment and incidental services in the Fire and Emergency arena including CWMD, CT.Equipment and incidental services. Includes all major operation equipment categories.
Equipment Type-Hoses, nozzles and tools
-Rescue Devices
-SCBA and Respiratory Protection
-Turn Out Gear and Other Protective Products
-Thermal Imaging Equipment
-First Response and SAR Equipment
-Decontamination Equipment
-Detection Equipment
-Communication Equipment
-Surveillance and Alarm Systems
-Suppression, Surveillance Systems
-Emergency Vehicle Exhaust and Vent Systems
-First Responder Equipment and Training
-Breathing Air Compressors
-Emergency Egress
-Related Incidental Services
-Survival Gear and Equipment Kits
-Tactical Equipment
-Personal Protection Equipment
-Protective Eyewear and Vision Enhancing Equipment
-Escalation of Force Equipment
-Diving Equipment
-Thermal Protection Equipment
-Communication Devices
-Compressors and Air Purification Systems
-Hyperbaric Equipment
-Lifesaving/SAR Equipment
-Air Crew/Support/Flight Deck Safety Items
-Protective Gear
-Miscellaneous Apparel
-Clothing and Textiles
-Load Carrying Equipment
-Lethality Support Items
-Mountain Climbing Equipment
-Related Incidental Services
Sourcing RequirementsItems must comply with Berry Amendment, Free Trade Agreement and Buy American Act.Items must comply with Berry Amendment, Free Trade Agreement and Buy American Act.

no-2_blackThe process for ordering through FESE and SOE TLS remains the same for FY17. Reminder: Kits have new requirements.

As defense budgets shrink and a larger emphasis is put on improving the ordering process, the FESE and SOE TLSP contracts adapted to continue to provide users with a simple, efficient procurement vehicle. The changes adopted in FY16 gave customers greater visibility on orders, more accurate pricing information, and valid obligation/transfer of funding directly with DoD Finance personnel.

Changes were effective the SOE TLS Program (in November 2015) & FESE TLS Program (in May 2016):  Due to a mandate to conform to Audit Readiness requirements, several changes have been made to the SOE and FESE ordering process that the customer may or may not be informed of.

Kitting Requirements: Kit purchases must include a breakdown for both SOE and FES. ADS provides a full list, pulled from each manufacturer and compiled.

DLA Troop Support – Construction and Equipment Program:

For more information on how these changes affect the ordering process flow please download the flowchart provided by DLA.

1. Customer must register a designated Finance Office Point of Contact (FOPOC) with their account and submit their information. Here are instructions on how to complete the designation form provided by DLA.

2. Once the customer’s FOPOC is registered, orders can be submitted for equipment, supplies and/or services under the current Order Request Spreadsheet. Once DLA approves the items for scope the request will be solicited amongst the qualified TLSP vendors.

3. DLA will email the Price Acknowledgement Spreadsheet to BOTH the Ordering Activity as well as the FOPOC.

4. Once the order is approved by the FOPOC and the Ordering Activity, the customer submits required funding information via the FOPOC Review Spreadsheet to DLA.

5. Upon award, DLA will send a second notification to the FOPOC and the Ordering Activity letting them know the order is awaiting obligation in the system.

6. Once the KO obligates the order, a third email will be sent to the FOPOC and the Ordering Activity with final order line item details.

7. A final email will be sent from DLA to the customer and will include a request to post receipt of the order in DoD FedMall.

no-3_whiteIt’s easier than ever to register with DLA.

To have access to a wide variety of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment, incidental services and training through the SOE and FESE TLS Programs, qualifying customers must be authorized DOD, Federal or other DLA approved, federally-funded agencies. For more information on how to register, if you haven’t already, contact the following contracting offices

DUNS: 027079776



no-4_blackEvery request is approved on a case-by-case basis. Increase your chances of a quick, smooth approval process with these tips:

There are several reasons why DLA would not award or approve product requests. It’s important to keep in mind that DLA may not always know of the product (if it’s new technology for example) and may not always know the relevant application and how it pertains to your mission and the contract scope.

DIAGRAM B – DLA Order Rejections
DLA Support RejectionsRejection Prevention
Item is not within scope of program.-Provide spec sheets or a link to the manufacturer’s website where applicable in the “Additional Information” column (I) of the Customer Order Request Form to help explain the requirement.

-For unusual or new products provide an explanation of the application or Statement of Intended Use in the “Item Description” or column (H) of the Customer Order Request Form.

-If incidental services are required be sure to provide an additional line item titled “Incidental Services” and a detailed Statement of Work.
Item is not Berry Compliant.Reference the FAQ regarding Berry Compliance.
Item is not manufactured in a qualifying or designated country. Reference the list of acceptable countries.
Requested items cannot be obtained.Ensure that the manufacturer understands they will be contacted by six government prime contractors that they will need to price instead of of pricing the government directly.
Incomplete or erroneous information on the order request form.Be sure to fill the order request form in full.

no-5_blackYou can buy incidental services through TLS if they’re ancillary and purchased with a product.

According to Bloomberg Government, the government’s top four spending categories are services-related.

When it comes to the purchase of incidental services through the FESE and SOE TLS Program contracts, they are typically requested as an additional line item on the Customer Order Request Form and are ancillary to a product being requested.

DIAGRAM C – Examples of Incidental Services Requests
Extinguisher and SCBA refillsRepair
Hose TestingExtended Warranty
Ladder TestingRe-Certification Services
Protective Clothing Laundering & RepairMaintenance
Pressurized Bottle Hydraulic TestingIncidental Training (Instructions on equipment sold in the program, i.e. SCUBA gear)
Equipment Functional Testing and applicable training
Inspection and maintenance of Fire Training, Suppression, Alarm and Surveillance Systems (Fixed & Mobile)
Training concerning items provided under the contract

Incidental service requests should also ensure proper functional capability and safety of the accompanying product(s). Consistent with product requests, DLA will approve incidental service requests on a case-by-case basis.

See Diagram C – EXAMPLES OF INCIDENTAL SERVICE REQUESTS for examples of these requests for both FESE and SOE programs. For additional instruction, visit DLA FESE TLS Customer Guidelines or contact your respective TSLP Contract Manager.

no-6_whiteADS can…

Help you tackle road blocks early on.
Help you select equipment that fits your needs and requirements.
Provide procurement options through both of our FES and SOE TLS contracts.
Keep you updated on shipping information when your order is complete.


1. Send RFQ to ADS
  • Request a quote from your ADS Account Manager. They will help you identify the best procurement options for your requirements – GSA, TLS, Open Market, etc.
2. ADS Provides Quote
  • Our knowledgeable ADS Account Managers can help you select equipment to satisfy your requirements, determine procurement options, as well as verify part numbers, lead times, pricing (including freight), and country of origin.
3. Register for the Program
  • If you determine that the TLS Program is best for your requirement, register for the corresponding TLS Program with DLA Troop Support.
  • Instructions for Customer/FOPOC Registration:
  • FESE    |    SOE
4. Submit Your Order
  • Email your completed order request to DLA Troop Support. They will act as your contracting office.
5. You’re All Set!
  • DLA Troop Support will compete the requirement amongst the participating TLS vendors and provide best pricing for all items requested.
  • Once approved, DLA Troop Support will contact you and your FOPOC for funding information.
  • Once that is processed, an award will be made!


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