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International Equipment, Procurement, & Support Solutions

  • Foreign Militaries
  • Foreign Governments
  • Defense Contractors
  • Protective Services Organizations
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ADS complies with all applicable United States export-control laws and regulations. We have the ability to apply for all necessary licenses required by the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and Title 15, sections 730-774 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as promulgated and implemented by the Department of Commerce. ADS has established procedures and administrative support to aid our international customers in complying with these laws and regulations. This includes abiding by the export rules and regulations set forth by the various agencies of the United States Government.

International Capabilities

ADS works extensively with Foreign Militaries and Governments as well as international defense contractors and protective services organizations abroad.

With representatives located around the globe, ADS provides international customers the equipment, procurement, and support solutions they require to complete their mission.

We proudly provide our international customers many of the same products and services we offer our U.S. Customers.

Contact Our International Team
Equipment & Services

To better service our international customers when inquiring about a specific equipment solutions, please provide specific part numbers and quantities so that we may provide the requested information quickly and efficiently. Additionally, certain items may have limited availability due to pre-existing contractual agreements with our equipment partners.

Support & Logistics Solutions

We can accommodate the shipping terms that best suit your needs and, if required or requested, ADS can manage all the logistics support for your orders from documentation and export licensing, to delivery.

Payment terms

ADS can accommodate most payment terms our international customers require. International commercial clients must adhere to our prepayment terms until credit history is established with ADS. Additionally, all international commercial client’s credit history will be reviewed by ADS. References may be required.

Personal Purchases

ADS is government contract holder, our international solutions are limited to government institutions and commercial companies. We do not facilitate personal purchase internationally, however we do maintain a network of partner companies around the world who may be able to assist. Contact us for more information. ADS does not accept personal credit cards and ITAR or Commerce-controlled items cannot be sold to private individuals under any circumstance.